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Pen and Ink

The written word has long been misinterpreted, even more so as the way that humanity has begun to interact and to "talk" with one another has DEVOLVED. We no longer spend time constructing what we are writing, we simply type it out and hit send. In a world of "instant" many have no idea how many poison arrows they are sending out let alone how many are causing serious harm to those that they reach.

Different cultures within the human race use language in a different way but this is often hidden thru the avenues available in the "instant" world. The pace of the everyday human life experience has become faster and faster as EXPECTATION increases within humanity and the need to have "instant" becomes like an addiction.

Where once we would have waited a few days to receive a reply to a question or a letter or a query, now 5 minutes is the eternity that is endured. So what happened to "time" and why is it so important that human beings have this "instant" in their lives. What would happen if "instant" was no longer available?

We would perhaps see the VOID that "instant" is covering. Many within the human race are on a fast track to the end. They have no idea where they are going only that they have to keep moving and in the movement is the illusion they are travelling somewhere. As all is FREQUENCY and VIBRATION we can view them as trembling containers that are simply vibrating, there is no movement in TRUTH because the containers are simply vibrating, they are held in place thru said vibration and as such the illusion is kept in place.

WE ARE alive because WE ARE. Not because of the label that is placed upon us or that we attempt to remain hidden beneath. Not because we somehow get thru our day faster than those next to us. The mind has created a labyrinth in which humanity are simply racing around a maze trying to reach the exit point. But there is no exit point because the maze is not real. In TRUTH there is no time, there JUST IS but so many within humanity are literally bound to the belief that time exists that they place their entire identity within it.

What does this allow to happen that cannot happen any other way? it allows for a binding that remains unseen. How can the human life experience be deepened if it is continually being moved along. To rush thru the day from the moment the eyes are opened til the moment that the eyes are closed sees a sort of madness descend as the human logical mind dictates that somehow we are "behind" or in "front" when in reality WE ARE.

Decisions made that use "time" are open to mass manipulation as the human logical mind only ever takes what has been experienced and places it in front of us once more. This way of CONSTRUCTING is one that is supported by the Old Earth Matrix as it keeps the lock on the door and the human being chained to a belief that somehow they are in a moving flow when in TRUTH ALL JUST IS.

Taking a breath is not permitted within the Old Earth Matrix because to breathe and to step into the NOW moment sees us move out of the manipulation and the belief system that has to be accepted in order that the Matrix itself remains intact.

WE ARE asked to note the letters that we leave ourselves in this our human physical form. Be kind to yourself for you are unique, you are not here to become part of a machine, you are here to BE IN TRUTH, all else is illusion.



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