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Perception and its role in the old earth construct in TRUTH

We are born into a reality which is interpreted through the human eyes and human logical mind, trick the mind and the eyes and you have tricked the person themselves.  Such continual conditioning is the simple way that Lucifer hides that which he is in TRUTH.  We are taught and repeatedly directed to use our human logical mind and the reference points it collects at an unconscious waking mind level at all moments of all moments.  We then assume that everyone around us is perceiving the way that we are, this is not TRUTH but is hidden within the media which goes to extreme lengths to provide an illusion that looks solid.

Every human being is unique, the hidden conditioning that a human being is subject to is used by Lucifer at all moments of all moments to sway said individual to remain separate from our Creator YHWY.  It is this separation that Lucifer works to maintain and which we surrender to when we do not challenge that which we believe and that which we are being shown. The "busyness" of the outer waking reality is deliberate for there are many within humanity that fall to the illusion of having "no time".  Linear time is an illusion, it is not real and yet the human race are conditioned to believe that somehow by "doing" more then more is achieved. This heavy conditioning can be seen in the lack of connection between generations.  With the previous generation having slightly different conditioning than the latest.

Many within the current technological generation fully believe that without technology it would take longer to achieve tasks, what is hidden to them is that there is another way for the task to be done that most of the time would take less time and be less complicated but this would not play to the intense conditioning that Lucifer requires them to have to keep them separated from their parents. Technology is actually driving a frustration and an anxiety that is manifesting in mental health problems within humanity but this is hidden in plain view as it is ignored by the very generation who are being conditioned to enforce said technology.

As generations pass away then the conditioning becomes stronger as humanity has no previous reference points. This deliberate misleading of humanity is how Lucifer has worked generation after generation to sway humanity. It has not happened overnight despite the illusion presented that suddenly we are in the "end of times", the end of times has been a long process, it is only now surfacing for the conditioning is becoming vastly more obvious but this does not negate that the conditioning has been in place for longer than humanity can remember consciously.

Perception is unique to each and every individual and is used against humanity by Lucifer. The optical illusions are deliberate, the old earth is made up of part information, that which is required to reach the full picture hidden in order than the human logical mind can perceive and can complete that which is not part of said picture in TRUTH. This allows humanity to be manipulated into reacting to perceived threats, the threat does not require to be real only perceived and humanity will begin to react to it and through reacting brings it to life.


In the picture above is the man looking to side or to the front or is he doing both?  not everyone will see the picture in the same way but many simply assume that they will.  This is just one picture, now add more and more pictures together, situations where one person has one part of the picture, another person another and the two people never come together to share the information, both have parts of a picture they assume are the whole picture. Now expand this out to wider humanity and you can now see how Lucifer works to keep the human life experience fragmented. It is the connections he seeks to separate that feed the false picture.  As humanity tends to only come together in mutual and agreed belief systems the bigger picture is never reached at the level it requires to be.  It is in Lucifers interests to keep this separation as long as he possibly can and in doing so provide as much manipulation as he can to maintain the false pictures and illusions he provides as the human life experience in the old earth construct itself. This is why we are told in the Word of our Creator YHWY : Proverbs 3:5-6 (KJV) Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Until we start challenging our own belief systems and until we surrender fully to Christ in order to begin the Salvation in TRUTH process we have only our own perception of that which we are experiencing and we cannot hope to reach the picture that our Creator YHWY needs us to reach in order to walk in TRUTH, for it is our human logical mind itself that works against us, the enemy that would love for you to believe is external is actually internal and it is found at the root of our own belief systems and is hidden and protected at all moments through the human logical mind itself.

The only exit is through our heart space and the only guide in TRUTH is Christ Himself, all else is human perception which is the biggest illusion factory of all. It is the man behind the curtain for our human logical mind is akin to the Wizard of Oz.  It is now time to step off the yellow brick road and begin to walk the road that is hidden to the human mind fully but which our heart seeks at all moments of all moments. It is the road HOME in TRUTH.


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