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Updated: May 19

WE ARE in a time of VAST movement, and this will see our human physical vehicle begin to shift and alter also. To cope with the shifts and the level of incoming frequency surges we can turn to PIETERSITE. This magnificent crystal steps forward from the Crystal Kingdom to aid us in stabilizing our frequency by cutting thru the layers of illusion like a knife.

A beautifully soothing stone this stone can be worn around your person, have it around your neck to calm and soothe your responses to those around you. Wear it around your wrist to aid in the incoming frequencies or indeed the EXITING frequencies (left for incoming, right for exiting), this allows for a stabilization of energy bandwidth. For all of the energy healers out there this is beneficial when accessing your client's energy signature preventing you oscillating with the client. It is important that the client moves to your higher frequency and does not attempt (unconsciously) to move you down to theirs. This allows for a level of healing that is expansive to say the least.

For those who are looking to stabilize and work with these new higher energy frequencies then using PIETERSITE in a grid format where there are also skulls is a good move. The skull matrix will work thru all layers of reality and work to build corridors where you can freely walk without an assault on your senses! this is particularly beneficial for the CHANNELLERS out there as they will come under attack as the frequency bandwidth heightens as the enemy tries to take out lines of communication with the realms that are aiding us.

To the light workers and way-showers that are struggling at this time working with the crystal grids, NOT ANCHORING is vital, if you are trying to anchor it will work against you, WE ARE RISING THRU THE MATRIX, we cannot anchor in this process, this is a dense optical illusion that is having many crash and burn at this time. An aeroplane cannot take off from the runway if it is tied down to said runway. TRUST the process, WE ARE being lifted by the angels just now.

To aid in this process and to help you balance I am offering a 10 percent discount on all ANGEL channelled messages for the rest of October. Simply email me HERE and quote ANGEL10. The channelled message to aid you at this time will be sent by return email.


Karen x

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