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Preparing to hoist the sails in TRUTH

For many at this time it is a time of vast chaos and indecision as the world as it appears begins to unravel. This has always been the world around us, what has prevented us from seeing it is the filters and the veils that have been placed upon our eyes.  These veils and filters are now removed and for many that which is being seen is now very unsavory indeed.  For many the ability to dampen down that which is shown has been removed and this has seen an increase in the intense reactions that are now being revealed.

A human being who is enslaved and does not realize they are is one that can be manipulated with great ease, all the while the distress caused is minimized. A human being who understands their own enslavement is prone to distress due to the assumed balance of power that is revealed.  What separates both of these scenarios is PERCEPTION and it is perception that is being altered in an attempt to keep the old earth construct/matrix in place for that bit longer. It cannot ever remain in place because it is unstable and is crumbling. However many within humanity run such deep fear that there is nothing beyond said construct that they will run around attempting to shore up said matrix til their last breath.

This option is now being addressed and removed. Prophesy stands whether we can understand it or not, it matters not if we believe in prophesy or we deny it, it remains.  It is there as a signpost and many are choosing to ignore the signpost choosing instead to go around in circles and in doing so keeping themselves enslaved to new levels.

We are not at the mercy of the old earth construct/matrix unless we are tied in to it. We are tied in to it each and every time we give away our own choices. The noose getting tighter and tighter and the choice of course is one that is relatively simple. The old earth construct/matrix would have us choose between options, it would have us perceive that which we are choosing as polar opposites because it triggers a choice from our human logical mind. But our mind is finite, it has a shelf life of approximately 80 or 90 years. When the human physical body passes from its form so too does the mind, it is not kept somewhere we can access it, this is not how other dimensional realities work. ALL is bridged from the heart space but so clogged is the heart space of humanity that many are mistaking the illusions of the mind for the highways of the heart space itself.

As we move further and further into the HEART SPACE IN TRUTH our choices get narrower, indeed for many they cease to exist as we begin to embrace JUST IS.  As we begin to heal the deep seated trauma that we have been bound to the road begins to open under our feet and our vision returns. That which prevents the opening of the heart space fully is the bondage that is kept in place through ASSUMPTION and PERCEPTION. The human logical mind HAS NO ANSWERS, it never has, it is created to be a referencing tool.

To help clear the understanding of this imagine the human mind is a dictionary and it is dictionary that is used in order to TRANSLATE THAT WHICH IS HAPPENING around us. So we refer to the dictionary regularly and as we do so we can also score out some definitions and overwrite them.  As we do this we begin to auto correct the entries and this is done thru the assumption by the human logical mind that we are still within said dictionary.  The dictionary is only ever useful as a reference tool, to be referenced when we are struggling but that which has unfolded within humanity is that this tool has been used a map and not a reference tool.  Using a dictionary as a map sounds insane and it is. We would not open a dictionary before setting out on a journey in an attempt to locate where we are going and yet the human logical mind does this each moment we allow it to.

As we spend more and more time within this our human physical form (it is referenced as ageing) we use the dictionary and auto correct to greater and greater levels. It gets to the point where the dictionary begins to be used a foundation and no movement is ever made unless the foundation permits it.

This is not TRUTH and is a way of living that is now manifesting and showing itself in TRUTH, the explosion of mental health issues affecting humanity are a result of this way of living and of this conditioning. Dementia levels are rising due to the deep anchoring of this conditioning and the resulting breaking down of the outer waking reality is part of the unfolding of prophesy which sits out with any foundation based on logic and reason.

The more that humanity attempt to use logic and reason the more challenging and difficult the human physical life experience will become. We are being conditioned to have no emotional reaction to the outside reality at all and is being done in a very subtle but very obvious way.  When we are given choices we are being moved into manipulation, a choice is only ever a choice when an option for TRUTH exists, otherwise it is simply a circular manipulation.  Take for example a car driving along a highway, if the choice of TRUTH is blocked (this is done thru a series of spiritual bindings that remain hidden and in place validating themselves continually) then the only option that will be seen by the driver of the vehicle is that which the owner of the highway wishes to give those who drive on it.  So take in this example the option of turning left.  If the only option is left then there can be a variety of manifestations of this, it may appear that the driver has the option to turn right, the opening may come along and the driver chooses what they believe is "right". But from the vantage point they have on the highway and within the car it can only ever be ASSUMED the turning is "right". Once the driver begins to turn the car wheel and steer the car along the exit route it will be revealed that it is but a sweeping bend that takes the driver to the destination on his LEFT.  Up until the point of actually driving along the exit point it looked like a "right" but upon interacting with it it became a sweeping bend which took the driver to the "LEFT".

This optical illusion is the master key within the old earth construct/matrix. How often have we chosen to do something only to discover where we are is not where we ASSUMED we would be upon taking said choice?

At this time the false routes are being dissolved, the options are being highlighted in TRUTH and the responsibility for driving is being taken over by Christ for those who are within the expansion in TRUTH process. As Christ is not affected by the old earth construct/matrix illusion it may appear to us in this our human physical form that He is moving us into a false choice and it will take us somewhere we assume we will end up.  But this experience is being gifted in order that we can experience the illusion from a place of TRUTH.   Because the illusion is used to HIDE TRUTH FULLY FROM HUMANITY.

As we remain fully surrendered IN Christ we will be shown in physical everyday life experience TRUTH and be able to understand thru going thru the process just how deep said illusion is. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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