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Updated: May 19

WE ARE blind until we can see and often it is our "expectation" that blinds us. The human logical mind is adept at filling in missing details, so given a picture with even a few things missing from it will cause the human logical mind to fill in the blanks and create a picture in order to "solve the puzzle". The human logical mind LOOKS FOR COMPLEX which is why darkness works the opposite way. Want to hide something? hide it in plain view cos being obvious is simple and the brain simply rejects the notion of it being real.

At this time the veils that have covered our eyes are being DISSOLVED and at many times we will attempt to find an alternate veil because we simply cannot accept what is being shown. This is happening within humanity at this time and why trying to "wake up" humanity is simply a waste of energy at this point. They will pull whatever veil hides TRUTH over them at all times because it is easier than face the pain that is now being displayed for all to see.

Those who came from Wider Creation in TRUTH have spent a long time (decades if not longer) working to release the internal pain and blockages from the human physical vehicle that they are incarnate into specifically to walk at this time. When you are able to walk in the pain streams and feel compassion but not resonate with the pain then you are in a powerful place and many are now on this journey. This is not the same as feeling their pain and resonating because frequency is ENERGY and ENERGY that resonates will find its balance which LOCKS those at this frequency together. To heal we must be in a frequency bandwidth that allows for compassion but not for LOCKING.

This balance is being achieved thru the heart space at this time as we work more closely with HEAVEN in TRUTH and in particular with the Archangels and the Dragon realms. The idea that darkness exists only on the physical plane will now be dissolved because there is inter and multi and extra dimensional bindings to be broken and healed fully.

Christ is our connection to Wider Creation in TRUTH, now Christ has had some publicity from both sides, from TRUTH which states that HE IS and from darkness which states what HE IS NOT. For millions within humanity Christ is sacrifice because they have been taught about the human man who is suffering on the cross, what they have not been taught about is what happened when He went beyond the Cross and that will never be taught in any physical church because it is beyond the realms of what is accepted in human society.

Christ is TRUTH full stop. He created a door, a portal when He went to the Cross because DEATH COULD NOT HOLD HIM. Because humanity has such deep entrenched views on death this stops many in their tracks. Many think that death is only to be had when the spirit leaves the body not fully accepting that the human life experience at this time is a living death because there is no life in TRUTH to be had.

Christ therefore is our connection to LIFE in TRUTH. This is a frequency that must BIRTH thru our heart space, it works to challenge all that is non TRUTH and is not an easy path, it is called a NARROW path for a reason. It is a journey that 144,000 will undertake in a human physical form and will see the freedom of humanity begin to birth in a new way. This is RISING thru the darkness illusion of the end of everything at this time but it has to be seen THRU the heart and not thru the human mind because the human mind has no reference points for what is occurring.

WE MUST UNDERSTAND THAT WE DO NOT LIVE IN THE SAME WORLD ANY MORE. That when they locked down the outer waking reality the END OF TIMES BEGAN. Prophesy is everyday for all who are in human physical form no matter how many deny it. We will never go back to pre "pandemic" life because it was non TRUTH, we are in the VESICA PISCES at this time, the bridge between what was lived and what will be lived. It is called the End of DAYS and is called this because it is has a FINITE TIME PERIOD ATTACHED TO IT. It will not go on indefinitely and we have to accept and understand this.

Do not fall to the illusion that is presented to you, the illusion is presented because darkness fears the LIGHT of TRUTH and it does so because there is no darkness in LIGHT, there is only LIGHT.


Karen x

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