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Reaching beyond the veil of tears in TRUTH

The very idea that the human life experience can be changed and that happiness, peace and a sense of balance can be achieved is denied by the vast majority of humanity. We are conditioned from a very very early age to focus on division and separation. It is dressed up as other than it is in TRUTH and lays down a foundation which sees us question the moments when everything appears to be "going our way".  How often do we use the phrase "too good to last"?

Yet that which sits beyond the veil of tears is achievable and it is achievable in ways that are deceptively simple.  We may look around us and suddenly feel overwhelmed, our human logical mind then goes into overdrive telling us that we are "too old", "not rich enough", "trapped" etc .  This is the resistance that is birthed through the original conditioning that somehow when life is going good it is simply temporary.

At this time within humanity is an opening, it is a break in the clouds that is revealing not only that which we have lived within in this our human physical form but that which we are moving towards.  The media will continue to impress upon humanity how futile it all seems and many will still attempt to deny that which is present in this dimensional space but TRUTH JUST IS. We were not given the opportunity to wake up only to find ourselves without the means and tools to exit that which we are waking from.

The expansion in TRUTH process is taken by our SPIRIT in TRUTH which sits just beyond the old earth construct/matrix itself. It is the little voice that whispers "keep going".  Indeed it is just as we often feel that we cannot go on and that life does not make any sense that the breaking through of the veil happens. We cannot rely solely on our human eyes and ears at this time because as the healing begins deep within our heart space the outer waking world presents the densest of illusions until then the breakthrough happens.

We require no formal training, no prior knowledge in order to reach through the veil, we require only the willingness to accept LOVE in TRUTH and to experience that which is TRUTH.  The old earth construct/matrix will present this as somehow beyond us because it knows that we require validation in order to make movement yet validation comes through the very movement that we make.

We are not here to go around in circles and disappear down various rabbit holes. The bigger picture is now being revealed, the way forward is now becoming more and more solid as we see the rainbow after the rain and we understand that all that is stopping said movement is the remnant of fear that the old earth construct/matrix planted and is trying to water continually.   To cut off the watering we must allow the understanding that LOVE in TRUTH transcends all and all said LOVE in TRUTH to show us that which sits beyond the veils.

At this time we are asked to open our hearts and simply surrender.  From this all else flows. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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