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Reaching our CORE value in TRUTH

We are born into a construct that seeks to tell us who we are and in doing so seeks to distance us from who we are in TRUTH.  So much separation is hard to navigate but navigate we must as we are dissolved from within said constructs and are made solid in TRUTH.  For many within humanity the outer waking reality is becoming more and more like a swamp as that which has been kept hidden now rises to the surface. The ugly face of humanity if you will is now being revealed thru the actions of humanity yet it is but a reflection of that which we are conditioned to be within this dimensional space.

TRUTH JUST IS and will come to the fore again and again and many will not accept anything beyond a belief system.  If we are conditioned to get our value from something that is external to us then we are highly malleable, we are easily molded.  It is this molding that is not truth and is coming to light in order it can be broken.  We are each in this our human physical form in order to experience in this the physical realm and yet many are struggling and seeking escape due to the debris in other realms that manifest thru said physical realm.

The outer perfection that humanity are being groomed to accept is not TRUTH.  That which we see reflected back at us in the mirror is not what those around us see, we see people thru our own lens of distortion and so we are each adrift in the hall of mirrors seeing our own fears reflected back to us. This horror show is now reaching epidemic proportions as we try to find some sort of route out of the horror show.

The rise of the use of technology is now expanding this, we see images that are tampered with but which the human naked eyes accept. So we then attempt to fit ourselves into the picture which is not possible as it is not real.  This blurring of the lines is deliberate, at least two generations have been separated in ways that all previous generations were not.  The use of social media and of "filtering" has created at least two generations who do not know who they are as an individual human. Who are acting out their fears thru the very platforms that groom said fear and then use it against them.

The neutralizing of humanity has its foundation in the younger two generations who do not equate words with hurt and who do equate what they see on a screen with anything that happens in reality.   They live in a 2D reality with everything hidden and everything placed thru a filter which sees them label and live entirely within the labels. They do not relate to each other as living, breathing human beings but as labels and as labels have no feelings they do not see emotion as part and parcel of the human life experience itself.

The danger in this of course being there is no ANCHOR. Our humanity is our anchor, our ability to LOVE is the anchor that sees us held to our own human life experience in TRUTH. It is not what we look like, who we know, what we have achieved but our ability to LOVE and ACCEPT LOVE that is our real anchor. Anchored in our humanity we are able to see and understand the pain of those around us. This does not mean that we absorb said pain only that we can register that the world hurts because it was designed as a torture chamber.  This TRUTH is denied by many within humanity who are attempting to somehow heal it. This world was never to be healed, it was always to be dissolved and in its dissolving TRUTH to be revealed.

This dimensional space is now reaping to extra ordinary levels in an all out assault on humanity itself.  Where we find fear we will find emotional debris. Where we find hate, we find separation, pain and trauma we find fear. The bully that is coming to the fore at this time is us, it is the manifestation of all the conditioning that humanity have been subject to and is born from fear.  It is attempting to anchor humanity in the very fear that it planted within humanity.

At this time we are asked to go deep within our heart space and let go of all that we believe makes us who we are in order to be shown who we are in TRUTH. FRAGILE HUMAN BEINGS WHO REQUIRE TO BE LOVED AND TO GIVE LOVE.

It is our fragility that makes us human, not our ability to hate, not our ability to somehow carry on and deny our own pain,   It is our opening of our heart space and allowing deep healing to begin by surrendering our own pain IN Christ that changes it all and darkness will now pull out all stops to try to keep this from occurring.

NOTHING that happens in the physical waking world is rooted there, it is always rooted in the spiritual and as this war has raged the physical casualties have been highlighted. Nothing humanity does in the physical realm will change until the spiritual bondage is cleared and this is an individual choice. We can rage at the world, place blame at the feet of world leaders or we can go in deep within our own heart space and look at the pain that we hold on to individually.  Humanity are the sum of the individual parts, we each carry pain and we each carry fear.  Continuing to deny this adds to the picture that is being used by darkness to keep humanity enslaved.

Nothing is more enslaved than a human heart denied access to LOVE in TRUTH and this will now be revealed to levels that cannot be denied.

In a world of division it is now time to show UNITY and this is only ever done thru the frequency of TRUTH for without it there is simply more division and separation. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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