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Rebellion versus Surrender

Nothing in the human life experience is ever black or white, even the word "darkness" must be understood in a non color context, many within humanity simply fall to the illusion that in order for something to be in "darkness" then it must manifest as evil and dark. Nothing is further from TRUTH, Satan uses a reference system that is 99% truth and 1% lie and has placed humanity's focus on the 99% thereby hiding the 1% that shows the lie for that which it is.  This allows for Satan to walk the earth in various forms appearing and acting in various ways that appear other than they are in TRUTH.

We in this our human physical form are blind until we are shown the LIGHT of TRUTH and often we will be fully challenged to accept that which is then revealed. All is revealed within our full surrender to our Creator YHWY within the gift of the Holy Spirit.  It is not enough to assume that something is that which it is presented as.  Everything within the old earth construct has a purpose and all purpose has a spiritual root.  It is the spiritual root that is hidden through the lies that Satan weaves within humanity.  The bible itself is often read without the gift of the Holy Spirit, taken out of context and often mistranslated.  It is easy to hide behind the words within the bible because the bible was never written to be read cover to cover at a purely human physical waking level.  It was only ever written to be understood in the context of TRUTH and as TRUTH is only found in our Creator YHWY then without a firm and established connection to Him via His Son we are once again subject to the illusion presented by our human eyes and logical mind.

Christ spoke in parables for a reason, without the understanding gifted through the Holy Spirit the parable remains just a parable.  It is challenging to take a 2 dimensional book (written word on a static page is 2 dimensional) and to allow it to take shape at a 3 dimensional level.  It is not static, it flows and is alive today as when ink was put to paper in its writing.  This is dismissed by the human logical mind which only ever works in a polarized context.  It is our logical mind that says if something is not X then it must be Y. It takes our human heart and understanding (which lies beyond 2 dimensional knowledge) to allow the flow and the bringing to life of the words written on the page.

At this time humanity are subject to all sorts of illusions and lies that appear other than they are in TRUTH.  Advertising for example is based on manipulation, targeting the human emotions and then fooling the human eye as the human emotion begins to blind. That special offer when placed in the context of TRUTH has nothing special about it but as we rush blindly from one thing to another at this time of year we filter this out.

We are rushing to a point that does not exist in TRUTH.  We place an event that is fluid and living in a 2 dimensional linear context and then wonder why it has no impact. It is being sanitized to hide it.  It is there in front of us at each moment of each moment yet remains hidden due to the web that is weaved around it. Rebellion is when we are in rebellion to our Creator YHWY, whilst many pull out the list of ten commandments, a rod and begin to hit humanity over the head with both we are blind to the rebellion that we are taught is part and parcel of the human life experience.

To deny God is to deny TRUTH yet many would go to war in order to demand their right to deny.  The grooming of human will is the blind fold that many simply cannot see due to the conditioning that somehow it is our birthright to think and do whatever we please.  This is not TRUTH we are given guidelines in order to keep us safe. It is akin to telling a child never to cross the road without an adult present. Said child may go into rebellion and take it upon themselves to try to cross the road themselves. It is surely their human birthright to do this? This is where we are at in the picture that remains hidden to many.  Just because we are presented with something that appears to be a choice, do we take it?  Do we understand what we give up in order to reach that which is presented to us?

We can die a million ways in a linear day and yet this remains hidden to us. We have such a conditioned reference point to the word "death" that many choose it repeatedly but because it does not satisfy the reference point that humanity have they believe the illusion that they are alive.  We can live a living death repeatedly and when we are surrounded by others who are also living a death it may seem other than it is in TRUTH.

At this time the temptations are high, to rebel, to live and to act in ways that are a living death.  The rebellious child that lives within all of us comes out to play at this time, tearing apart relationships, causing untold damage to those around us but we quantify it through human will and human choice.  What we do not see is the damage that we do to ourselves, the separation that we create between our heart and our Creator YHWY. We live in this our human form for a relatively short linear time. Our human logical mind does not understand and has no reference point for "eternity".

The human life experience is but a blink of an eye in TRUTH, are we living or are we merely sulking?  The answer lies in how our life experience is lived in this our human form. We have the choice of leaving a boot print on the face of humanity or leaving a footprint in the sand for humanity to walk by. The choice is always ours. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST. Kx

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