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WE ARE now standing on the threshold of REBIRTH, but what does this mean? for many REBIRTH is a far off fantasy when they look over their human life experience and where they are at this point. The older that we get the more we appear (often) to have strayed from a path, but how do we now if we have strayed or whether life just "took" us to this point?

Well the first thing to do is to look at our life experience honestly. Is there something that we just cannot let go of? is there something pulling at us but which we cannot quite see how to step into? the logical mind loves to try to validate our surroundings by making narratives that change frequently, this is how we tell the difference between our heart and our mind, the mind will adapt and change the heart is loyal and will remain steadfast. So if there is something in your life that you just cannot walk around yet also cannot see how to bring into fruition you are being shown a picture that with a few adjustments can be reached.

Many fall to the belief that the outer waking reality is solid but what solidifies the outer waking reality is our interaction with it. Repeating patterns of behavior and rote and ritual are that which BECOME the solid reality around us. I often ask clients how comfortable they are with changing a small part of their routine, this reveals how locked into something they truly are. We can fall to being creatures of "habit" but then fail to see the habits themselves. So do you get up at the same time each day? do you then remain on automatic pilot with the tea/coffee, brushing teeth/hair etc? if the answer is yes then its time to place focus and to take back the time that you are stepping out onto the side lines.

Each decision we have ever made builds on the next decision and before we know it we are suddenly on a path. However there are strongholds in family lineages and in family timelines that seek to reset themselves. Very challenging to see from the inside because the stronghold is validated by other family members, we use those around us to validate our reality in ways that remain hidden to us. Family members become part of the inner compass if you will and we must take this back if we are to navigate in new directions.

This is a time of REBIRTH, where we can step OUT of patterns of behavior, where we can make NEW choices (not just variations on a theme) and can begin to life a life that is rewarding and fulfilling.

It starts with ONE STEP, it always starts with just ONE STEP, we do not require the entire picture, we walk a thousand steps by taking the initial first one then the next and it builds. The first step is often a leap of faith and yet if we do not take that step everything WILL remain the same. WE ARE asked at this time to take that one step, from this step HEAVEN will take a thousand towards us.

Are you ready for REBIRTH?

Karen x

join us on the 7th May at 7pm (gmt) to enter the deep heart space, find out more by clicking here.

If you feel it is time to take that next step why not book a personal session with Karen, find out more here.

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