Rebirth thru the ORION Portal in TRUTH

WE ARE asked at this time to understand that we are undergoing both a birth and a death. Just as a baby in the womb dies to the world that is the womb in which it grows to term so too do we. View the Old Earth Matrix as the womb of the Old Earth Matrix, the mother is in full control of all of our actions, what she consumes, we consume, what she decides often we have no option but to go along with. HOWEVER THIS CHANGES FROM THE MOMENT OF DELIVERY.

We gestate within the Old Earth Matrix because we need to become strong enough to survive OUTSIDE THE WOMB. We can look at the terminology of the Old Earth Matrix and see how it is hidden in plain view. We are however different to most babies that are born into a world, we come from a space that is vibrationally different and so we BREAK the patterns, the conditioning and the EXPECTATIONS of the Old Earth Matrix.

At the moment of delivery we will feel immense pressure, we will feel it all begin to collapse around us, we will be TURNED UPSIDE DOWN in preparation for the movement down the birth canal. We will enter a dark tunnel that we CANNOT TURN AROUND in and as we do this we must surrender. Babies that are in the womb and who prepare for birth do not take physical action during this time, they surrender to the process. So much faith in the baby for it does not understand anything other than that which is has lived within is now changing.

Just as with a physical human delivery the waters will break. This will bring on LABOR pains that we will feel also because we are not just the baby being born we are the mother of that child, we are both at the same time. The human logical mind does not accept this and yet it is there and your heart space will validate this for you.

As the mother who is about to give birth to yourself Creator will have HEAVEN in TRUTH on stand by to give you any and all relief from the pain of the actually delivery. You will find the more that you try to control the delivery the more that you feel pain. Just like a woman in actual labor it is VITAL TO CONTROL YOUR BREATHING. If you fall to panic the pain will worsen, if you trust your BODY (which is Christ) then you will know that getting out of your own way will see a safe delivery for both baby and mother.

The cutting of the CHORD when the baby is delivered allows for the removal of the dependency on the Old Earth Matrix for you are no longer being oxygenated (or lack of it), you are no longer depending on it for food and shelter or survival. This will become more clear and obvious as you enter the delivery room. It is an ANGEL who holds you first because you are birthed from HEAVEN into HEAVEN. You will be held tightly and swaddled.

Many of you will need to rest and to recover, only managing to wake and then eat then sleep once more because the physical human form has to adjust to the change in frequency levels. The ANGEL will attend to you, the ANGEL is assigned to you upon your delivery and will stay with you and speak with you, it will tell you its name and its purpose and its role is to protect you fully. YOU ARE THEN ADOPTED by HEAVEN in TRUTH because the Old Earth Matrix was a surrogate. It is the host only and you were never to remain or go back there.

Your adoptive parents are HEAVEN in TRUTH and this will be revealed to you as you go thru the process. HEAVEN in TRUTH is full of LOVE in TRUTH and you may feel overwhelmed at first when you first come in contact or are held by the ANGEL who is looking after you. It may bring you tears and that is okay because you have to detox from the Old Earth Matrix because of the blood of the host mother and what it contained. Surrendering to CHRIST deep within the heart space is the way forward as the ANGEL feeds you on LOVE in TRUTH and your physical human form adapts and changes to this new frequency nutrient.

You will be visited by many from HEAVEN in TRUTH who have come to witness your birth for you are special, you are wanted and you are safe and protected.



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