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Recalibration of the human heart space in TRUTH

In the previous blog I explained about the challenges of being born into a human physical form that is limited by the outer waking reality through the frequency bandwidths that hold humanity to various false constructs.  We are not part of wider Creation until we dissolve and destroy all false constructs that seek to have us reject that which is TRUTH.

TRUTH is a frequency because TRUTH JUST IS and in order to reach it we must dissolve/destroy all and any and every frequency bandwidth that exists and is anchored within our human physical vehicle in order we can align and anchor our spirit in TRUTH and step out of that which has sought our continual containment.

The human heart space has a frequency that is continually interrupted and contaminated by the human logical mind itself.  Human consciousness is not our friend and the false teachings of the "third eye awakening" strengthen this false interruption signal.  This is being addressed at this time through various frequency interruptions that are being caused by the collapse of the old earth construct frequency "snowglobe" as this containment field dissolves it allows the wider Creation in TRUTH frequency to gain in strength and this will kick start our human heart space frequency in TRUTH.

This may be interacted with at all levels of creation but we in this our human physical form may actually delay this process by falling to the very strong belief that we require to do anything other than open said human heart space.  There is no co incidence that at this time there are various "traumatic" scenarios that are playing out in the wider reality, this is to prevent the human heart space from opening as humanity are conditioned to close down when they PERCEIVE any, all and every threat to humanity itself.

This works against the process that is now fully underway and the process that we have a choice within. It is our personal choice as to whether to allow the opening of our human heart and then surrender to the frequency boosts and the alignments that this offers. The human logical mind will work against this process for the process boosts the heart space but lowers the input from the human logical mind. Many within humanity will hold on to the last moment to human logic believing that somehow human logic and human knowledge is a security system. Whilst it IS a security, it is a security that is DESIGNED TO LOCK OUT TRUTH.  This will be denied by many who have not only gone looking down the rabbit hole but actually believe that the rabbit hole has an end. It is a black hole, a void that destroys all that interacts with it.  It is to be AVOIDED at all costs as sanctuary begins and ends in the human heart space itself.

At this time we are asked to rest when necessary, to allow the human logical mind to detach from the reality around us, this will see various anomalies spring up where we may begin to fall to the illusion that we are somehow losing our grip on reality.  WE ARE because reality is the illusion.  This may see interrupted eating patterns, food patterns and any and all patterns that are simply part of the illusion. Seeking validity through the human logical mind will cause more frustration because there is NOTHING for the human logical mind to hold on to, illusion is but dust in the wind, it cannot be held on to.

Interactions with those around us may become fragmented during this process but will begin to even out the stronger our heart space frequency becomes and we will then be aligned more fully with wider creation.  We are asked to rest and to take sanctuary in silence when appropriate.  We may distance ourselves from anything that the heart space feels is harsh and this may cause major disturbance to any, all and every routine that involves that which damages the heart space.

This has never before been experienced in this our human physical form and we are asked to surrender. The understanding sits beyond the experience and any altering or attempting to control simply stops the process in its tracks.  LOVE IS THE ANSWER no matter what question the human logical mind now demands. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION. (c) Karen Doonan

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