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Receiving Salvation in TRUTH

We exist within a confine that we cannot physically see, as we attempt to navigate our way in this our human life experience there will be moments when we reach a place beyond which our eyes simply cannot see. It is at this point that the human logical mind will go into overdrive and attempt to have us re route and change course. All of this of course is by design for we are born into a labyrinth that is other than it appears.  Many within humanity have attempted to illuminate said labyrinth but have done so without the aid of Christ and using only the human logical mind itself.  This feeds on itself and is akin to driving round in circles with the circles being big enough to give the illusion that an action journey in a direction other than circular is being taken.

All confines are first and foremost spiritual and must be addressed on this plane before anything permanent can alter in the physical realm in which humanity exist.  Again many have attempted this and have been blinded by the light of the fallen, this may seem a contradiction in terms but the fallen were once fully of light, they have fallen which means they are now earth bound until our Creator YHWY passes judgement on them.  It is the illusion of the light that blinds humanity at this time and will continue to do so until we understand that the only connection to our Creator YHWY which is TRUTH is Christ, Himself.

The introduction to "Christ Consciousness" has created a further binding which affects our connection to this physical plane for it connects the mind to itself.  It was not a consciousness which died on the Cross but a human man.  He took physical form to show TRUTH, to show that the spiritual has a direct connection to the physical and that only TRUTH can reach our Creator YHWY.   The human logical mind will deny TRUTH relying on false reference points to validate illusion repeatedly.  We are conditioned to only walk where we can see a path and when it is not seen to reject it.

Lucifer knows this and seeks to have humanity conditioned in ways that continually hide the narrow path. Many within the construct of religion would state they have found the narrow path yet do not walk it, falling to the illusion that they must be doing X or Y because the theology supports their interpretation.  We can only understand the Word of YHWY through the gifting of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit can only be gifted through our surrender to Christ through the Salvation in TRUTH process.

This sees us then surrendering to our Creator YHWY through His Son, Christ. This does not necessarily see us in constant prayer in the very literal sense of interpretation. It does see us surrender what we believe, what we have been conditioned to live within etc. It is the challenge to the life that we lived up to the point of our surrender that causes the most debate and yet debate is irrelevant in TRUTH. Many within humanity spend lifetimes debating what this means, what that means not understanding that in order to understand what something means we have to ALLOW the living of it.  We will be guided at all moments of all moments by our Creator YHWY, we begin by taking a step back so that we can actually see what our Creator YHWY requires us to see.

Most of the human life experience is never lived, it exists purely in the human logical mind and is made up of mind-scapes that are never physically lived because they exist only within human consciousness. It is not human consciousness that makes us human, whilst it connects our spirit to the physical plane through the human vehicle it is not that which gives us life in TRUTH.  We are the walking dead until we surrender to Christ and allow our human life experience to be gifted to us through His Son, Christ.

Revelation 21:5 (KJV)

And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful.

As we move further into surrender and take our direction from Christ then our human life experience will begin to open up, we will begin to walk where previously we were denied access, that which once bound us no longer has any power and we become who we came here to Be in TRUTH.


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