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Release of ROLES in TRUTH

We have been heavily conditioned in this our human physical form to maintain certain roles in the human life experience in general. Humanity are conditioned to navigate the space referenced as "earth" thru a variety of "static" points which include people, places and events. Using these as a navigation allows them to pin point where they are. This has been the way that humanity have remained tightly bound to the Old Earth Matrix as such is the depth of dependency on the "static" points that self policing rushes to the surface when any of said "static" points begins to move.

Translated this sees humanity self police those around them requiring those around them to remain in the roles that they BELIEVE they have to in order for their human life experience to remain making sense to them. We can see this in the reactions to the lock down that is occurring across the world. The more vehemently that those attempt to police their neighbors behavior the more "locked into" the Old Earth Matrix they have become. There are various KEY points where there will be a complete denial that the outer waking life experience has changed whatsoever.

The locking down of the Old Earth Matrix has two effects that many cannot comprehend fully at this time. It permits a jump start of a new FLOW and it permits a REVEAL of the patterns that many are trying to maintain despite the patterns being of NO USE WHATSOEVER at this time. It is pertinent at this time to go within and RELEASE these patterns if they are illuminated for us at this time.

Patterns such as sticking to a regimented routine for "fear" of getting lost in the days and hours is a major routine that many will go to extreme lengths to preserve. They will rationalize it to the point of absurdity yet remain oblivious to that which it hides to them. The lock down is a period of reset for ALL who are now ready to let go of the control mechanisms that have been ANCHORED WITHIN THE HUMAN PHYSICAL VEHICLE itself.

Be careful with those in your immediate life experience who attempt to re sow the seeds of fear and negativity at this time. The seeds will fall on fallow ground if we have not released the emotional debris that the seeds grow within. Specifically this is in relation to WHO WE ARE IN TRUTH.

When the labels of "joiner", "driver", "mother", "father", "teacher" etc come off you will find that many simply lose the plot, they have anchored themselves into, thru and within said label and it has become the lens that they view their entire human life experience thru. This will become more obvious when the lock down continues for it is not a pause then a quick jump back to that which was in place prior to lock down. Each moment is a moment where vast movement is made and this may remain hidden at this time.

As lock down is moved thru and beyond then the changes will be seen by ALL and the resulting back lash will see a war break out that has always been there. It will be unlike anything we have ever experienced in this our human physical form. It will be those who fully believe that they are not of the Old Earth Matrix defending it to the hilt. This will make no sense whatsoever at this moment in time for that which is to be revealed is only now making itself known.

The INTER, INTRA and MULTI dimensional fracturing will now come to a head and it will result in a battle that humanity will not recognize for humanity are but the commodity over which the battle was even begun.

At this time we are asked to step beyond where we believe that we can go. To go into BACE Camp, to regroup and to understand that the outer waking life experience is now more fluid than it has ever been. We are being prepared to cross the ocean of grief that has locked a race in so tightly it believes that grief is all that exists in TRUTH. Nothing is further from TRUTH and as we begin to mend our nets we will then go to sea. Not to remain upon it but because it is the only way to reach the new land on which we will stand.



(c) Karen Doonan

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