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Releasing already paid for "debt"

For many at this time the never ending struggle to get on their feet is one that is played out daily, we may go so far with our human life experience then bam we are suddenly a couple of steps back again. Like an invisible force field the resistance to us moving forward may seem like some sort of sick game that the universe is playing. What we are not aware of at this time is that any "debt" that has already been paid cannot be given back to us to repay again.

Many are aware of the spiritual war that plays out in the everyday waking world but unaware of how this is used against them. To be IN Christ allows us to walk in spaces that would be deemed out of bounds for us. However darkness does not just take one look at us and say "okay you are of Christ, you can pass thru", it challenges us and often does this in very deceptive ways indeed. WE HAVE TO UNDERSTAND OUR POWER and PROTECTION in CHRIST first and foremost. Then we have to underline it to that which attempts to stand in our way.

This will see us able to walk in spaces that darkness is attempting to reclaim and have us able to move forward with our human life experience and that which we are here to move into. This will also see us move in frequency and vibration for that which is attempting to stop us works at much lower levels of frequency.

How do we know that we have underlined and moved forward? the stress and anxiety that denial by darkness creates will start to lift and we will feel lighter. All resistance that creates fear, anxiety and dread come from the lower frequencies that are defended by darkness. It is not enough to simply accept this denial for WE ARE given freedom IN Christ.


Karen x

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