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Releasing emotional trauma at a spiritual level in TRUTH

We exist in a virtual reality that our human logical mind assumes is both static and solid. Whilst many within humanity can reach this TRUTH the denial of that which is being presented remains.  It is only working at a spiritual level that any and all emotional trauma can be released leading to vast shifts at a physical human level. No amount of working purely on the human physical level can lead to permanent healing.  This TRUTH remains hidden to many who fall to the vast illusion that somehow we are here to undergo some sort of "soul" journey or to 'learn a lesson".   How many times do we have to burn our fingers in the fire before we understand that fingers and fire are a bad combination?

It is important to understand that the spiritual part of the human life experience is that which binds us to outcomes.  In this our human physical form we are blind to many and varied bindings, strongholds and dominions that play out in the physical realm in which our human physical presence exists.  Many strongholds and dominions only begin to trigger at certain expansion points within the human life experience and this is dismissed by many within humanity.  Lucifer has studied humanity, indeed he has altered the human life experience in ways that keep humanity blind. This is the whole purpose of Lucifer, to keep as many within humanity in rebellion to our Creator YHWY as possible.  He knows that the soul is the anchor that ties humanity to a human life experience that is one of pain, separation, trauma and death.  It is the entire purpose of the soul and movement beyond the soul is therefore a challenge, but it is not impossible. We are given all that we require in order to progress spiritually through our complete surrender to Christ.

For many the comforts of the soul journey reside in the "familiarity" of the process. When we meet those who share our soul journey then the challenge increases for frequency binds to frequency. The role of the soul is to blind and to challenge any and all movement beyond the old earth.  To lead the seeker into a territory that they believe is one they should be within.  We are not here to experience pain, trauma and separation but how do we release this when all that we see through the lens of our humanity is said pain, trauma and separation?

The word "surrender" is a word that many will rebuke, it gives the impression that somehow we are at a loss and we are somehow less powerful because "we" are not in control.  The control is subjective, at no point during this human life experience are we in any control at all as the soul itself is the driver in the seat of our human life experience.

This denial of a power that is external to our human life experience is a powerful tool that is manipulated fully by Lucifer. We do not have to believe in darkness, Lucifer, the devil or Satan for them to have an influence over this our human life experience. We are all subject to forces that are neither seen nor even acknowledged at this our human physical everyday waking level.

Those who walk in a role that is that of "teacher" are being manipulated through the power that is given as the illusion. We are "masters" of NOTHING and subjects of everything.  The backlash that is now unfolding within humanity as the outer waking life now descends into further chaos sees this fully exposed. It is not humanity that can "save" humanity for the problems created within the human life experience were not of our making. We react, we are conditioned from the moment we take our first breath to react and to interact. It is HOW we react and interact that sees the manipulation manifest.

At this time we are on the cusp of major evolution that remains hidden to the naked human eyes and ears. The path that we are asked to walk out of the old and into the new is that which is revealed to us through Christ and Him alone for He is the only one ever to have walked said path.

At this time we are asked to release that which is holding us to the old, the pain, the trauma, the anxiety, all can be released to Christ. It is from this starting point that true healing occurs, that we will be led to the wholeness that we crave in this our human form and we will be supported fully on the journey there. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST. Kx

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