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Releasing illusion through surrender in TRUTH

For many within humanity these times are chaos, as prophesy states the end of times is a time akin to Noah. We need only look out onto the outer waking world and we can see this but it becomes distorted and normalized through the social conditioning that is now fully being enforced through human will.  When humanity feels threatened it turns on itself, it has been trained to preserve "self" at all costs and the cost is high. It is so high that many simply will keep keep within the deeply and continually crafted "sacrifice".

Whilst it is TRUTH that Christ died on the Cross this is not the end of the process. The construct of religion which has seeped through into the general population is that in order to "survive" we have to "sacrifice".  Lucifer has taken Christ dying on the Cross and presented this as the ultimate sacrifice with a twist.  Christ walked among humanity showing and speaking TRUTH but it was only one part of His journey, His journey is not over, it is ongoing.  At this moment Christ is walking with those whom have answered His call.  His call goes out through the heart and is heard only by those who can feel that there is another way in which to walk.

The false Salvation of the construct of religion which is now revealing itself through the changes to the Word of YHWY and the changes that are supported by a false prophet (of whom there are many and varied) are all the unfolding of prophesy.  Our Creator YHWY is beyond the illusion that we live within. He is beyond human logic and the human logical mind and yet due to the intense and continual conditioning applied to humanity is still denied by the human logical mind.

We are asked to surrender and in doing so we sacrifice.  We do not surrender to the world around us, we surrender to Christ, Himself and that which we surrender is our human will and knowledge. Lucifer has tied humanity in knots with knowledge, anything at all from the tree of knowledge can be "validated" by the human logical mind using more knowledge but validation is not TRUTH.  TRUTH never requires to be defended albeit it will be attacked. In this our human form we will attempt to bend TRUTH to fit our already accepted reference points which come from the very construct that we are seeking to understand.

Christ knew that this world was not real.  The miracles that He performed were only ever revealed in order to show TRUTH, that healing IS possible but healing in TRUTH which is permanent and which un-tethers us from the illusion is only through our Creator YHWY Himself. Many profess healing which is simply more illusion.  Many within humanity seek to attain physical health whilst dying spiritually. Others attempt to gain spiritual health whilst continuing to be compromised physically.  Fallen angels using forbidden knowledge have boosted the ego of many within humanity who reap what they sow but become blind in the sowing and too late begin to understand the reaping.

At this time we are approaching the end of the end of days.  Repenting and surrendering are done on a spiritual level and will be tested by our Creator YHWY.  The construct of religion which spans hidden levels of the human life experience seek to provide a one step salvation, a free golden ticket to heaven which is more illusion.  Just as in the days of Noah humanity are corrupted in ways that appear other than they are and this will now expand fully, the breakdown of humanity is something that cannot be reversed for it was never to be reversed. We are not saving this world for there is nothing within it that is real.

So strong is the illusion of reality that many are now finding it almost impossible to understand the human life experience itself.  Things in the outer waking world are now contradicting themselves. Coffee is bad for you, no hold on if you drink 4 cups a day and are between a certain age range then it is good for you and so it goes on. Always triggering the human logical mind to search for answers to questions which the human logical mind was never created to answer let alone reach.Romans 12:2 (KJV) And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God

We do not renew our mind through knowledge, we must first of all allow Christ to reveal the illusion within the knowledge we have been fed and conditioned to accept in this our human form.  Our mind is renewed through the Salvation in TRUTH process that through our surrender to Christ allows for us to let go of and allow the healing of our beliefs, our viewpoints, our vision and our human life experience.  We surrender to the process which is not of our creation but that of our Creator YHWY. We do not create the process, we interact with it through our full surrender to Christ, Himself.  The human logical mind does not like this and will actively rebel against this for Lucifer has trained humanity that it needs to make things happen, this denies TRUTH, it denies our Creation purpose and denies our Creator YHWY.

For it is our Creator YHWY whom provides for us, we are His Children and as a loving Father He provides for us on all levels of creation. If we are akin to the spoiled child who wants have his/her way and defies Him then we will be reprimanded. It is HE who knows what is good for us, what is bad for us and what harms us, He is our FATHER. Lucifer denies his own creator through the rebellion that he enforces through humanity and in doing so creates the very rebellion that caused the fall.  In order to rise we must stop rebelling and become more respectful, understanding that in this our human form we have a very very narrow viewpoint of creation itself.  We then stop being our own worst enemies and move into a new way of living and being, one that was created for us before we were even born, one of TRUTH.1 Samuel 15:24 (KJV)

For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king

The idol that Lucifer is currently cultivating within humanity is that of "self", persuading humanity that they do not require our Creator YHWY, that they have everything they need, they just need to go out and find it or take it from those around them.

At this time we are asked to see the playground in TRUTH, to remain steadfast on the Rock that is Christ and surrender fully as the end of times now reaches its full force and those who are in rebellion begin to harvest that which they were conditioned to sow. The harvest is that which will end the world as we recognize it for it is not TRUTH albeit it appears to be solid. TRUTH JUST IS and WE are in CHRIST. Kx

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