• Karen Doonan


We are asked to release that which has held us in place thru the use of ANCESTRAL ANCHOR points. For many of you this is why you are where you are at this moment in time. So if you have strayed from where you were physically born (country wise) you are being returned in order to release the frequency anchors that prevent full movement from the Old Earth Matrix itself.

This one may be at tricky one for many of us because when we are surrounded by familiar patterns of behavior, belief and customs we become blind to their influence upon us and more importantly within us. Indeed much of this will be very triggering indeed. We may be faced with family patterning that feels heavy and yet we cannot see what is unfolding, we may be faced with family illness and find ourselves thinking "here we go again" and feeling a frustration grow in the process. RELEASE the need to physically do something and let it build by going into your heart space and asking Christ to reveal to you that which is ANCHORING the emotional distress within you at DNA/RNA level.

It is from the deep heart space that we make the release and in releasing we are able to venture well beyond the horizon. We are aided in this process thru the Skull Collective who are walking the dimensional timelines creating the safe matrices we require in order to release and to then let go of the frequency bandwidths with minor if any resulting backlash from those who still carry the frequencies around us.

We then are able to reach spaces and experience that said ANCHORS hide from us. This is deep release and we are asked to be gentle with ourselves, we may find ourselves more emotional, more hungry more tired and more unsettled as the ANCHOR is revealed and released. IT IS VITAL that we understand that we cannot lose TRUTH in this process. Relationships, friendships etc will undergo a reset and this may see temporary disruption to them. Please release the need to "mend" as the reset resolves things that we cannot understand from this current vantage point and we may be delaying our own healing process by interfering. If there is a break in connection with a loved one at this time, let it unfold and simply LOVE in TRUTH, we cannot lose that which is TRUTH, only that which is non TRUTH.

As we go thru this important gateway we will reach new and deeper levels of understanding of the patterning that keeps the Old Earth Matrix hidden to the vast majority of humanity and has at many level enslaved them to said ANCHORS as a way of remaining within the confines created thru the ANCHORS.


"YOU cannot fail at what YOU came here to BE"

High Council of Orion thru Karen Doonan