• Karen Doonan

Releasing of Anchor Points in order to re context the human life experience in TRUTH

We are asked at this time to allow the full release of all major ANCHOR points within the human physical vehicle itself. This involves a release of the DEEP conditioning that all humanity are subject to and this will touch upon CORE parts of the human life experience. For many of you at this time it will be a major trigger and yet within the trigger is the gift of freedom that we have asked for prior to our incarnation into this dimensional space.

Working to release the ANCHOR points will see us placed in various external scenarios that make us feel very uncomfortable at a spiritual level, this will cause various ripples thru those around us that reveal to us that which is being hidden by said ANCHORs.

We are asked to release to our Creator thru Christ and to step back as we release. This will see many of us at this time feeling exceptionally tired and the need to sleep will be paramount. Having said that the dream time platform may be incredibly busy as we step out of our human physical vehicle in order to address the spiritual realm and then step back into said human physical vehicle.

As the outer waking reality is going thru a major shift there will be some strange anomalies that present themselves and there may be some overlaps with time shifting and even deja vu that happens on more than one occasion surrounding the same situation. For those who are not part of the expansion process it will be written off as "tiredness", "madness" or some other logical and reasonable explanation but we will feel the shift and it will not be possible for us to write this off as we will be given repeated validation of that which is happening.

At this time major disruptions to sleep patterns, eating patterns and even relationship and friendship patterning will occur. We are asked to release and to continue the release over the 48 hour period that covers to the 23rd December (as per BRIDGE podcast 7). Once the momentum has begun to build it will continue and we will be moved in frequency OUT of the bandwidths of the Old Earth Construct and this will see us presented with a NEW context in which to understand this our human life experience in TRUTH.


"YOU cannot fail at what YOU came here to BE"

High Council of Orion thru Karen Doonan