• Karen Doonan

Releasing of the Old Earth Matrix Programming in TRUTH

As many of you are now aware the movement into the illusion that is "2020" was a deep one. Many of you may have felt very disconnected to that which was happening around you and there is good reason for this. The separation of worlds began back in 2012, whilst mainstream new age media announced this as a "one time event" it was simply phase one. The Old Earth Matrix is akin to an onion in that it has layers of frequency and layers of a certain type of bandwidth that has to be separated from in TRUTH.

The new age movement likes to give the illusion of a new "earth" as being a shiny version of that which is already here but again this is illusion. We are not on a ball spinning in the universe, this is a flat dimensional space that has been constructed to appear like a planet. Therefore a new earth is not a new planet, it is a NEW DIMENSIONAL SPACE that allows for wider Creation in TRUTH to interact with those who are now moving to cross the BRIDGE INTO SAID SPACE.

All is illusion to our human naked eyes, we construct the picture using the reference points that are provided by the human logical mind. The easiest way to digest this is the "hollow-deck" that appears on Star Trek. The release of VIRTUAL PLATFORMS begins to fool the eyes and many within humanity simply accept that which the eyes present to them as solid. It is not solid, nothing is solid in TRUTH, it is a way for our SPIRIT to interact with the physical realm that IS the dimensional space referenced as earth. SOLIDITY IS DENSE and we have spent a long time upgrading the human physical vehicle to move OUT of this dense dimensional space.

It may sound very nice to be presented with a list of steps to reach a "light body" but due to the frequency bandwidths that the human physical vehicle has been constrained within it is necessary to go thru the BACE Camp and BRIDGE evolution process to keep the human physical vehicle not only intact but to remain linked to the human logical mind.

The expansion of alzheimers and dementia diagnosis within the human population is a very logical and reasonable talking away of that which is actually occurring. As the dimensional space begins to dissolve then the ability that the human logical mind has to interpret the surroundings diminishes. This leads to a sort of mental breakdown that is easily referenced as alzheimers/dementia. The human physical vehicle begins to break down as the human logical mind can no longer validate the reference points due to the frequency bandwidth no longer being there. In simple terms it is the breaking down of the previous illusion.

The average "age" of the symptoms will lower as we go thru the coming linear few years in human everyday waking terms as the dimensional space breaks down. It is not a sudden BOOM and the world ends, but there is a lot of traction in this type of scenario because it releases the fear frequency that the Old Earth Matrix is designed to run on.

At this time there are approx 144,000 incarnated into human physical form that are bridging the two worlds. They are dissolving and STABILIZING the BRIDGE at the same time. This will see a stabilization of an outer waking reality for the 144,000 where they can see that which WAS and that which IS in TRUTH at the same time. In order for this to be worked with the internal work and release of the bindings to the Old Earth Matrix had to be completed.

This work is ongoing and if you are reading this blog then you are part of the process. You do not have to go deep into the mental processing of this because as your SPIRIT in TRUTH has anchored more fully the SPIRIT takes over the process and begins to navigate whilst bringing our human logical mind to the understanding which is paramount in the process.

At this time we are standing on the ridge, looking out over Wider Creation in TRUTH whilst simultaneously stepping out of the Old Earth Matrix. We will therefore experience a range of emotions that will be released and surrendered to our Creator in the process. This cleanses and clears the neural pathways in the human logical mind.

Further podcasts and blogs and the TRUTH Codes - Chronicles from Orion updated book are being prepared to assist in this process. Please be gentle with yourself at this time.

"YOU cannot fail at what YOU came here to BE"

Karen and the High Council of Orion x