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Releasing the Collective Hold in TRUTH

In this our human physical form we are connected and linked into a network that is at this time attempting to take over our human life experience. For many years there have been false teachings in respect of human consciousness and many have linked into this dimensional space. We incarnated into a human physical vehicle that had a brain that was part of the vehicle. The human logical mind is linked to the human physical vehicle and the Old Earth Matrix, it is the decoder if you will for the dimensional space referenced as "earth". It is akin to wearing a virtual reality headset with our human naked eyes believing the picture that is being presented to it.

The more reference points that are anchored in the human logical mind that are connected to the Old Earth Matrix the tighter the virtual head set is on the human physical vehicle. Many are seeking an escape within the virtual reality picture not understanding that in order to remove the pain and the trauma that is being experience they need only take off the head set.

This is done thru going into the deep heart space and resetting the human life experience by dissolving the FALSE REFERENCE points that link to the virtual reality headset that humanity are using. This sees us able to see thru the picture being presented and allows us to understand that which is being presented and where it is being presented from. The outer waking reality is attempting to push humanity into full survival mode, this is a dangerous precedent because survival mode is achieved by disconnecting from the heart space. Many who are in survival mode are displaying PTSD symptoms akin to war vets and they are engaging in behaviors that are pure survival. This of course triggers those around them who then feel the attack and respond. This sees a mass hysteria begin to build within humanity which of course that which feeds from this wants.

In order to salve the pain and the trauma that is now attempting to anchor we must first of all become aware of our own emotional debris. Only by looking deep within and understanding that we have unresolved emotional distress can we begin the walk to healing and resolution. DENIAL is the fence behind which emotional distress hides and it is denial that fuels the behaviors that see situations unfold and seem to validate themselves. A hostile reaction to a hostile picture presented is the reaction that is being groomed at this time. We do not approach someone with PTSD with a denial of their situation and yet many are turning on those closest to them and in doing so denying the trauma that is present.

This is not a case of pull yourself together humans for many are so fragile it will take very little to break them. This is a time of understanding that the collective hold that is on our consciousness is a deliberate one and the only way to break said hold is to be gentle with ourselves whilst loving. It is LOVE in TRUTH that breaks the hold for only LOVE in TRUTH has the answers that many are searching for but cannot find because they are under so much attack they are simply seeking shelter from the ammunition.

LOVE in TRUTH flows from the inside out, we cannot expect a world full of traumatized humans to lay down their weapons immediately. WE ARE asked at this time to have patience and to have understanding of our own wounds and deal with them first and foremost. WE cannot help those drowning in the pool of human consciousness if we do not first of all exit the swimming pool in order to give said help. If we remain in the swimming pool they will drown us attempting to stay afloat.



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