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Releasing the Deep Heart Space to the Physical Plane in TRUTH

For many within humanity the current illusion is one that they have been programmed to accept. The lead up to this moment has been a long one, it has taken approximately 2000 years of deep conditioning to produce the current harvest which is due for cutting imminently. We are asked at this time to maintain our balance thru the deep heart space and by allowing our Creator YHWY thru His Son Christ to remove the constraints placed within us at DNA/RNA level.

Many are in awe of the intense panic, the complete acceptance of something that is other than it is but are remaining NEUTRAL. A vehicle cannot run in NEUTRAL, it will simply idle prepared for movement but making no movement in TRUTH. We are here to ENGAGE GEAR and to MOVE in TRUTH not to remain idling. It is the human logical mind which will have us remain in NEUTRAL, almost paralyzed by the depth of illusion presented that seeks to maintain the status quo and hiding the EXIT DOOR in TRUTH.

The EXIT DOOR cannot be perceived thru the human logical mind, this is akin to walking blind fold across a darkened room, we can never underestimate the sheer depth of illusion that is being presented at this time.

It is underneath this illusion that we walk, it is THRU this illusion that we walk, for those who have seen the film "bird box" the symbology is there. She had to blind fold her eyes to prevent the illusion from holding her. It is THAT WHICH IS PRESENTED INDIVIDUALLY TO THE HUMAN VEHICLE THAT IS THE DANGER WITHIN THE ILLUSION. The Old Earth Matrix knows the trigger points which is why we have gone deep within the heart space to release them fully.

For further information and guidance of how to move into phase two please listen to the latest podcast below:

We are now moving into phase two and in order to do so we must stop using our naked human eyes, stop using the outer waking reality as a reference point and begin using the navigation from within the deep heart space.



(c) Karen Doonan

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