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Releasing the False Teachings of BIRTH in TRUTH

One of the densest illusions that humanity face is that in relation to "birth", "death" and "life". The density at this time is playing out for all who have eyes to see and ears to hear. It was always to be moved on to the physical plane in order it could be seen. The removal of the VEILS was to remove the veils that prevented it being seen on the physical plane of everyday waking life.

At this time within humanity are the different levels of awareness all very visible. That which had been veiled off and prevented humanity from understanding the level of frequency that their fellow human being was running has been removed and yet many are still shouting to attempt to wake up humans who are not able to hear them due to the physical frequency space that they reside within.

As many of you may have experienced over the past few linear months attempting to talk to someone who is in a fear frequency sees words literally bounce off them. So locked into the fear vibration that they simply cannot see nor hear anything other than the fear programming that they are running internally.

We must understand that humanity are at any one time in various levels of death and decay. This dimensional space referenced as "earth" is dimensional space where the harvesting of lower dimensional frequency occurs much like a farmer would grow and harvest crops. The human physical vehicle itself was adapted over the various harvest cycles (a cycle is approx 2,000 linear human years) to provide maximum yield at harvest.

So we look out on to a dimensional space that sees various crops at various stages of the harvest program. It is vital that we understand that we cannot interrupt this harvest, this is not our role nor our purpose and any attempt at doing so only highlights us as a "tare" among the harvest. This sees the "farmer" take action to prevent us from interacting with the rest of the crops. At a a human conscious waking mind level this makes no sense and yet our heart recognizes this for we are not seeded by the dimensional space that humanity are kept bound to.

It is the removal of the internal bondage, the removal of the false DNA/RNA frequency coding from within our human physical vehicle that gives our SPIRIT in TRUTH access to that which it requires to reach on the HUMAN PHYSICAL PLANE OF EXISTENCE.

Many are still attempting to do the work spiritually and this is opposed because the spiritual plane is emptying on to the physical plane of existence. The false teachings around "rebirth" are trying to hold as many as possible in the false "spiritual" path that has been seeded over the past few linear decades. Many find it almost impossible to work at a physical everyday level because they have permitted themselves to be bound spiritually in phase one which was to CLEAR the spiritual debris from within the human physical vehicle.

We are within a process that is overseen by Wider Creation in TRUTH, in this human physical vehicle we are bound by the rules of this dimensional space until we remove the bindings that keep us to said frequency rules. We therefore have to go within to move externally at any physical level.

We are protected, we are guided and we are connected to Wider Creation in TRUTH only thru the deep heart space. We are not creating anything, we are surrendering all the false frequency teachings in order that we can reach that which is already in existence beyond this dimensional space referenced as "earth". This space is now collapsing in on itself and those who are running the ANKHOR frequencies are there in order to maintain the harvest cycles, nothing else.

We have a choice and this choice must always be TRUTH for that is the reason that we are here, that is the reason that we agreed to access this dimensional space and the reason for this entire journey.




(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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