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We are at this time within one of the most revealing phases of the that which the Old Earth Matrix is founded upon. The pouring of all dimensional planes into the physical plane in which humanity experience their human life within this dimensional space referenced as "earth" has permitted us to view that which has remained hidden.

It was always to come to the physical plane because the human physical vehicle is that which is the vessel thru which the harvesting occurs. The evolution of humanity is not the false teachings of "advanced consciousness", this is simply not possible with the current version of human physical vehicle. We are moving into phase two which is the full ascension to evolution of the human race PHYSICALLY.

Many are in denial of this and the ever growing SEPARATION that is being experienced as "social distancing" is a manifestation of just how separate the human physical vehicle is in TRUTH from that which is presented. The human race have been prevented from accessing Wider Creation in TRUTH due to the frequency constraints that are birthed thru the creation of the human physical vehicle itself.

All that is within the Old Earth Matrix is to validate the hybridization, the sacrifice rituals that are taken as part and parcel of the human life experience is blasphemous but is accepted by humanity who have been conditioned that sacrifice is part of living. We see this in the construct of religion which holds Christ to a false narrative and in doing so permits a further blasphemy to occur repeatedly.

At this time we are asked to go within and remove the DNA/RNA coding in respect of death and all that it manifests. We are within the valley of death when we remain in stasis, we cannot remain in stasis, we are asked to make movement but our movement is hampered when we allow the frequency of the death teachings to remain within our human physical vehicle.

This of course is challenged at this time by the Old Earth Matrix which is going all out to provide the evidence that death occurs. ENERGY IS ETERNAL and cannot die, it transmutes, it has been used as a currency for the last 2 cycles and this currency is now about to be replaced in TRUTH.

For those who are running with the new "currency" illusions of actual hard cash then the illusion is presented in order that you ignore the death frequency that RUNS IN ALL HUMAN PHYSICAL VEHICLES and which must be removed in TRUTH in order to move beyond the bridge and reach phase two.

Just because humanity have endured sacrifice, death and trauma does not make this TRUTH, this is like saying that car running on gas cannot run on anything but gas and a huge promotion being done by the gas companies debunking all, any and every option. Whilst many within humanity can accept this example and understand it when it comes to human life, birth and death they reject it.

The human physical vehicle has been CREATED by the Old Earth Matrix to run on BIO fuel that is blasphemous. The next level of expansion is to remove the old fuel and TOTALLY CLEAN THE ENGINE in order that TRUTH can be used to fuel it. The engine of course is our HEART SPACE.

At this time we are asked to go deep within the heart space and release the DNA/RNA coding that sees us attached to a false way of living and being and release us from the continual patterns of harvesting that are underway at this time.



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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