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Releasing the GHOST in TRUTH

For many within humanity the human life experience itself is one that is filled with echoes. No matter how much we may wish to step out of the routine and ritual of human life there will be elements that reflect the family that we were born into.  For many within humanity this becomes like a ghost that they are visited by every so often and in many family structures it becomes like a familiar.   This echo is not TRUTH albeit it is experienced by almost all within humanity at one time or another.

We may look out the window and see human beings that look different physically but that  which walks within humanity cannot be seen by the naked human eye.  It hides itself thru the various ACCEPTED behavior models that are within human families and it does so in order that it can maintain both its presence and its purpose. For all that humanity claim that they live in freedom, freedom in TRUTH is beyond the limitations that are set within humanity by the old earth construct/matrix itself.

At this time those within the expansion in TRUTH process will be dealing with various scenarios that are repeating themselves in order that they can be seen in TRUTH. It may cause various levels of frustration to arise when it seems that we cannot dig ourselves out of the dirt and yet the digging is that which stops us from actually seeing that which is playing in said dirt. We are all born of dirt because in this our human physical form we are all children of ADAM.  The human form itself is bound to ADAM until it is freed from ADAM and this remains hidden to those who have fallen to the false teachings from the construct of religion that seek to have ADAM a creation of our Creator YHWY.  ADAM is the false creation that has kept humanity chained to suffering, to pain, to death and to separation.  It is only by handing this ghost back that we can step beyond the boundaries that this particular ghost chains us to.

It is not TRUTH to accept that suffering is all that humanity were created to do albeit it is what humanity have been bound to. We are offered TRUTH in the book of GENESIS but the context in which we place the book of GENESIS will and does affect how we read the information contained within it.  ADAM is the SECOND "creation", he was not the first man as eve is not the first woman and this is hidden fully to the followers of traditional mainstream religion who are taught that as we are all descendants of Adam and Eve we are somehow stuck with this until we magically get that ticket into heaven.   We are CHAINED and BOUND to Adam and Eve thru various strongholds, mainstream religion being one of the most obvious and yet the most hidden.

It is one thing to read the book of our Creator YHWY it is quite another to understand it and place it in the correct context. This is why the Word of Creator YHWY can only ever be understood thru the connection to the HOLY SPIRIT because otherwise we read thru the eyes and the lenses of ADAM and not TRUTH.  At this time the war that is waged upon humanity will increase and those who seek to defend humanity will begin to use the Word of YHWY as a weapon, something it was never created to be and in doing so continue to dig in the dirt.

It is the dirt that is the contamination and in said contamination is the evil that sits and walks within humanity, masquerading as a human being and having humanity look only at the human vehicle into which is birthed.

Darkness understands the bindings to levels that humanity deny and in doing so will now pull out all stops to have humanity devour itself as it denies its own ghost. There is the HOLY GHOST which is of our Creator YHWY and there is the the GHOST itself which haunts humanity and taunts as it does so. In order to see one we must embrace the other and only by embracing the HOLY GHOST can we see beyond the boundaries of the human vehicle itself.

At this time we are asked to exorcise the GHOSTS of our own lineage and as we do so understand the bindings that are broken in doing so. For we came here to break the chains that bind and in doing so walk in FREEDOM IN TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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