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Releasing the Hidden Emotional landscape in TRUTH

We live within a construct that seeks to validate that which is not TRUTH repeatedly. Our emotional landscape is a place that many simply will not look at and yet it is a vital part of the picture that we require to understand in order to release that which is holding us to unresolved human emotions. It is not TRUTH for example to hold on to human emotion and yet it is TRUTH to FEEL human emotion. Many within humanity gloss over this and choose to simply ignore the emotion. Many believe that not feeling the emotion somehow negates it but this is not how frequency works. Emotions are the ROOT frequencies that humanity walk within, they are not a product of the frequency, they produce the outer waking life experience from the emotional response to the frequency, so the emotion is a reflection of the frequency that is being run internally.

The rage that is building within humanity at this time is but a reflection of the frequency that a race has been conditioned to remain within. We often feel that we have a right to feel the way that we do, and whilst this is TRUTH, that is we do have the right to feel, the important distinction is in the FLOW. We do not have the right to hold on to emotion, that is not the purpose of emotion. Without emotional flow there is simply stagnation. Many fall to the deep conditioning that exists that simply not feeling an emotion means they have successfully mastered it and yet there is no mastering of emotion, this would be like saying we conquered a river by damming it up. The river is then no longer a river, it is a pool of water. The danger with pools of water is the stagnation that begins when it is prevented from flowing.

Anger is a ROOT frequency that humanity deny. It is seen as an emotion that is volatile and dangerous and yet it is not the actual emotion of anger that is dangerous, it is the stagnation and weaponization of it. When we refuse to let go of an emotion it pools and stagnates, it then begins to take on a life of its own. Many have found out to their cost (often of physical freedom) that anger is a dangerous road to walk along. It can manifest into the death of another and the backlash of humanity as a result. Many have been moved thru anger and have been shocked at the depth of anger they have been consumed by. This is the stagnation of an emotion that simply builds. Anger when felt and acknowledged fully can be in flow, it can simply move thru us but where it stagnates we will find various illness and disease.

Unresolved anger is the ROOT of much of that which humanity walk within and at this "festive" time this anger is once more inflamed. Many simply refuse to acknowledge they have any repressed anger and yet find themselves losing their patience with those around them when presented with long lines in the grocery store or when shopping for gifts. Without a frequency of anger present we cannot experience the backlash of it. So the anger that many place at the feet of others is a reflection of themselves. It is however much easier to simply blame those around us.

Denial is most evident when there has been the lose of a loved one. I remember shortly after the death of my mother when I took my then nursery aged son to a support group for children who had experienced bereavement, the silence around anger. I spoke with another mother who had lost her husband and her teenage daughter was acting out. After speaking with the mother at length I shared with her the anger that I had experienced and felt when I had lost my own father in my teenage years. This allowed her to view her daughters behavior in a different context.

Anger is part of the grief process but if it is denied and shunned it becomes stagnant and we then can go into a spiritual death in this part of our human life experience. We have to accept that anger at the death of the loved one is natural. It is natural to be angry and it may be really shocking to suddenly understand how angry we feel on their departure but we can work thru it from the acceptance. If it is denied it will keep the wound open and prevent fully healing from occurring.

At this time we are asked to accept that which we have denied in our emotional landscape in order that we can release this and allow LIFE in TRUTH to FLOW where stagnation has been growing. It is only by allowing full flow of LOVE in TRUTH that we can do this and move beyond it.



(c) Karen Doonan

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