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Releasing the Illusion in TRUTH

We are never more blinded than when we feel we are somehow "missing" something, whether it be that "perfect job", "perfect partner", "perfect family" or some other label that the Old Earth Matrix teaches us to search for. At this time the illusion is strong, it is being presented according to the deepest fear frequency being held by each human physical vehicle. If we are holding a frequency of fear of "loss" then this will be manifest within one of the "perfect" labels that the human logical mind uses in order to validate our human life experience within this dimensional space.

Where we have sectioned off our human life experience due to an experience that has been labelled "negative" by our human logical mind it begins to manifest into a holding pattern. It is then begins to expand and to turn into a space-holder, this is akin to a vacuum that prevents growth and expansion in everyday waking life.

We are asked at this time to address these space-holders by handing over all PRIOR labelled "negative" experience thru our deepest heart space. As we do this the vacuum is lifted and the frequency is dissolved. It is to be noted that many of the vacuums are created thru the genetic lineage of our ancestors. As we have no physical recollection of the trauma involved we tend to ignore it completely and this is part of the protection mechanism that is employed by the human logical mind.

Take for example a fear of deep water, this is a trauma response that sits at DNA/RNA level and is passed on generation to generation. It could well be that a very distant ancestor died thru drowning. The trauma of the actual death is held in the DNA/RNA of the person who drowned but it is LINKED thru all the ancestors of said person. You would have to take out the ANCESTOR who is the ANCHOR to the trauma to affect the DNA/RNA of the rest of the ancestral lineage. (for more help and support in this please visit the main Releasing Eden website - Vibrational healing).

At this time we are being shown the ancestral lineage anchors in order to dissolve the hold that they have over us at a DNA/RNA level. These hooks hold us to dysfunctional patterns of behavior that allow for resonance with Old Earth Matrix frequency bandwidths and require to be dissolved fully. This also applies to family patterning in respect of illness and disease with the ROOT or ANCHOR of said pattern being hidden in the ancestral lineage. Remove the ANCHOR and the movement is restored, that which hides the ANCHOR from the descendants (in both directions) is that of the human logical mind and its filtering of something being linear. In TRUTH there is only NOW but this is skewed when the human logical mind accepts the distortion of past and future.

For further information and support during this intensive clearing process please listen to the BRIDGE podcasts available on the SOUND CLOUD platform - CLICK HERE. Or visit the main Releasing Eden website and the new TRUTH Codes website.


"YOU cannot fail at what YOU came here to BE" - High Council of Orion thru Karen Doonan.

(c) Karen Doonan

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