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Releasing the internal boundaries in TRUTH

We are never more locked into something than when we feel that we are somehow under threat. This "survival" mechanism is a stronghold that is rampant within the human life experience at an everyday waking level.  We need only have a conversation with someone who triggers us thru said conversation and the war vibration kicks in. We need only read something on social media and said war vibration kicks in. It is an ancient stronghold and it sits as the controller of the heart.  It presents itself as a safety mechanism, and it will tell all who will listen that it is reacting in order to protect us but in TRUTH it protects ITSELF and nothing else.

The greatest threat to humanity is not found in the external corridors of power and control. It is not found in governments, nor politicians, nor is it found in the external weaponry that mankind has navigated in its manifestation.  It sits within every human physical vehicle, it is the vibration that seeks to have us remain with a closed heart.   Only with an open heart can we feel TRUTH and find it.  Only with an open heart can we LOVE in TRUTH, only with an open heart can we side step the trip wires that the old earth matrix has placed within said matrix.    A heart that is closed sees the human physical vehicle rely solely (soul-ly) on the human logical mind and this is a very very dangerous way of navigating the old earth matrix.

The human logical mind is easily tricked, it is fooled thru the human eyes and their PERCEPTION based on that which is physically presented. The human logical mind knows only this incarnation and the eyes only know that which is in front of them at any particular moment. It is slight of hand that provides the illusion and the heart remaining closed is unable to give out the warnings that would see a different choice made, a different path taken.

So whilst many at this time are in deep agony, attempting to dull the roar of the perceived chaos of xmas and the family patterning that comes up within said chaos the navigation requires to be thru the heart space and this will involve unlocking the INTERNAL WALLS that we have been trained in this our human physical form to build. These are ALL INTERNAL and are reflected thru the pain and the devastation that is the old earth matrix itself. It is the invisible fuel for a construct that is not real but gives a very very dense illusion of being solid.

We are asked to remain in stillness as we surrender and to unlock where the doors are illuminated, it is the unlocking that sees the pain REMOVED, it is the unlocking that sees CALMNESS return, it is the unlocking that sees our human life experience REFRESH and it is the unlocking that frees us.  ALL ELSE IS ILLUSION. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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