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Releasing the "invisible" anchors in order to set sail in TRUTH

We exist within a reality that seeks to bind and chain at all moments of all moments. The invisible anchors that are placed both within us and which we place in those around us are done in ways that are invisible to the naked human eyes.  We are conditioned heavily to accept these anchors and to create a deep illusion around them.  When someone whom we are related to or whom we love begins to show behaviors that are not supportive of our choices we will unconsciously begin to change our behaviors and then unconsciously look for the acceptance of the changed behavior by those around us.

Many within humanity have attempted to address the containing nature of this conditioning by attempting to go the opposite, when they see the non acceptance behavior of those around them they go all out to keep the non acceptance behavior in place. Thus using it as a compass, but that which  is not seen is the alternative containment that this manifests.  The root anchor and compass point is still those around them, they have simply chosen to use the compass in a slightly different way.  The challenge of course is to remove the compass for humanity cannot be a compass to itself. This is akin to going round in circles, we are born into a dimensional space that is not connected to wider creation in TRUTH and are conditioned to look to those around us for a navigation point. Using a false map will only ever take us in a false direction, in order to be found we have to release the compass and change the map.

This TRUTH will be denied by many within humanity who seek to use the anchor to their advantage. There are many sitting within family structures who keep their "power" and their "advantage" close to them in order that they can give themselves the false picture of "control". Indeed the more fear that resides within a family member the more "control" they will attempt to exert over the rest of the family. Every family within humanity has this at some level, it may skip a generation or even two but the web that is woven still binds, the bindings remain invisible as each family member attempts to find its place within the family structure as a whole.

Now many may question "what if i am adopted, what if i am not in a birth family?" . The question is irrelevant because we all belong to the "family" of humanity, it is THIS family that the control and manipulation is played out at, not necessarily the small "family" microcosm that distracts and keeps us from seeing the larger, more vast picture.

The tangled web of bindings and constructs within said larger human family are hidden through the manifestation of the illusion of who humanity are in general. We have been conditioned to behave and think in certain ways and bringing all the different "thinking" together simply hides the conditioning itself. We cannot therefore think our way out of this manifestation and dimensional space, we must use the map and compass that wider creation in TRUTH provide when we reach out through our deepest heart space.

How far off the route we have allowed ourselves to walk is the first illumination that is presented to us and often the first reaction is rebellion. We will actively defend our own decisions and anchor points but TRUTH JUST IS and in this phase of the expansion process we cannot move or change course until we release the anchor that is within us. These anchors work both ways for we will find that an anchor placed within us where a person uses us as a reference point in their human life experience results in an anchor being placed in them and the reflection used by us as we use them as a reference point of who we are in this dimensional space.

To give a clear example of this let us take brother and sister. The brother will place in his sibling the anchor point of "she is my sister" which binds him to the reference point of his sibling being his sister and the sister will do the same.  This will seem very obvious and many of you reading this will simply think "so what, its obvious we would do this" but what is not so obvious is the containment that this sets up at a wider waking level. Now take this example with the brother now rejecting the choice of the sister to leave home and to minimize contact with the area that they have grown up within.  The emotional debris that is created with this anchor may see the sister work  with emotional reactions that involve rejection, grief, abandonment etc as the brother will use behaviors that reflect his rejection of her movement. So he may decide to limit his interactions with her. He may not go and visit for example or visit but make it clear that he disapproves of her actions.

Now in the same example let us take the sisters viewpoint, she has made the decision to move to another area and to minimize contact with the rest of that area.  Her decisions of how she lives her life in the area that she is now within will be impacted by her EXPERIENCE of the rejection of those within the area she has moved from.

Both brother and sister in the above example are not using any reference points that give them a clear overall picture. Before any movement is made they are unconsciously using the anchor placed in each other to measure what movement and how much movement they can make without upsetting the other and having to deal with the rejection behaviors that each will display but not necessarily register at a waking everyday level. It will be kept at unconscious mind level but will impact all, every and any decision taken by either of them and the ripple will go out to the rest of their immediate family as the immediate family then attempt to reduce the rejection behaviors and resulting emotional debris.

This particular conditioning is now arising within humanity as a whole as it is not TRUTH and requires to be dissolved. The human logical mind of course will reject this, it will assume that the dissolving of the conditioning will see a separation of the family structure and as we are conditioned heavily to put family first and foremost many will simply deny the need for the removal of this anchor. The unity that many believe is "family" is a unity of separation for each family member is separated but the illusion presented is that of unity. Indeed at macrocosm level those who resonate with the same anchors will come together.  Are you considered the "black sheep" of your immediate family? then you will find that many of the people in your outer waking life experience can resonate with the experience.  The frequency will resonate with its reflection but this does not make it TRUTH, it simply gives the illusion of unity where there is actual separation.

Humanity are united in their separation and it is within this separation that darkness harvests for it is not TRUTH. Now we are asked to make the movement from separation into unity in TRUTH and all, any and every anchor must be dissolved in order that TRUTH is revealed and that we can align FULLY with wider creation in TRUTH. For those who are out with this process the storm will begin to arise where they will actively show aggression to those who now make said movement. For they are in fear, deep fear and their human logical mind will tell them that without an anchor point in place they will be cast adrift.   The only anchor point in wider creation in TRUTH is TRUTH itself, all else is simply a dead weight designed to keep stasis active.

At this time we are asked to surrender fully to this process in order that we can by going through said process reach deeper understanding of the deadlock that humanity are held within that prevents the massive movement that is now presented and the window that is now opening for ALL.  Choice is taken at a frequency level and many will choose simply to remain at the frequency that they are. Choice is personal and cannot be taken for another, the challenge of course is to attempt to remain bound to a false picture with the resulting manifestation of intense emotional distress or to surrender and to heal said emotional distress through the understanding reached through the process itself. TRUTH JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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