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Releasing the trap in TRUTH

We are conditioned heavily within this dimensional space to allow the "trappings" of the outer waking reality to side line and interrupt our expansion.  Those who have allowed themselves to align with "familiar" and who are holding on to that which is destructive are those who have fallen into the very "trap" that the matrix sets for those who are attempting to wake from the deep slumber that the matrix provides.

If we use the analogy of Dorothy and the field of poppies in the Wizard of Oz we can almost touch that which is occurring within the matrix itself.  The poppy of course is the opiate of choice for that which sought to prevent Dorothy from returning home. The beauty of the field of poppies called to her and she sat down for just "one moment" but then she fell into a deep sleep. The word "opiate" is referenced as

a drug derived from or related to opium.

"the opiates are known to have natural counterparts called endorphins"

synonyms:drug, narcotic, mind-altering drug, sedative, tranquillizer, depressant, sleeping pill, soporific, anaesthetic, painkiller, analgesic, anodyne; 

The human reference point of coursing being that it is something external that is manufactured and then consumed. But the matrix is a master illusionist, that which is manifest is that which is within the matrix itself, it is part of it.  Whilst we accept that opiates are drugs that are used in the medical construct or we accept that they are something that "addicts" take we are also asleep.

Perhaps eating healthy foods is your opiate, perhaps reading and learning is your opiate, perhaps anger is your opiate, there are so many that work to give the impression of "salving" the pain that is living within the matrix.

It is that which is hidden in plain view that is the most vile within the construct, when we are instructed to look left we must look within, when we are instructed to look right, we must look within.  We must understand that which the matrix provides in order for us to leave the field and like Dorothy continue the journey "home".

Many believe that they have found the answer and then seek to sell the answer through the avenues provided by the matrix. Where you find a well funded and well polished answer, you will find the Wizard behind the curtain, giving the impression of power when it is merely smoke and mirrors.

We each have a responsibility to align with TRUTH, when we side step this responsibility we wander freely into the field of poppies and we then lie down.  We can then ACTIVELY DREAM and fall to the illusion that we are removing and exiting, yet we are merely dreaming. Dreaming is being separate from TRUTH, it is being separate from the CORE of SELF because within the CORE of SELF is the frequency of TRUTH that will seek at all times to reject and dissolve all that is not TRUTH.

As the matrix now shimmers, it does so to show itself fully, much like that which appears to be invisible is lit in a way that shows the outline the matrix does the same. It has an end, it has a corner, it has a top and it has a bottom, it has sides for it is a dimensional space that is a particular shape. It is protected by various FALSE SACRED GEOMETRY that seeks to have the seeker see something that they wish to see and then carry on to another corner. In essence it reflects that there is nothing beyond it.

This is a lie and is not TRUTH which is why it is now shimmering. For those who are able to now move beyond the false geometry the next phase is walking behind the curtain and exposing that which has sought to teach that it does not exist. The greatest illusion is presenting something that is denied because denial is the master puppeteer. When our human logical denies it blinds, it turns that which is in full view transparent and we allow ourselves to remain within the trappings of the manifestation.

Now the trap is being revealed it is our responsibility to step out of it fully and stand on the other side of it.  To reveal it in order that it can now be dissolved for it requires ENERGY and FREQUENCY to remain, starve it of both and it collapses. It is fear of nothing beyond the construct that keeps the construct in place NOTHING ELSE.

At this time we are asked to stand on the ROCK of TRUTH as the floodgates now open and that which has been denied is unveiled in TRUTH.  The Wizard.... from behind the curtain,  who has NO power other than that which is given and handed over. TRUTH JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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