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Within the Old Earth matrix we work with archetypes and we work with SOUL patterning, we do this to destroy the SOUL contract fully, we do not do this to interact and to bow to said SOUL contract. SOUL contracts are bought and sold within the Old Earth Matrix like "shares" in companies. They are bought and sold and traded in order that the Old Earth Matrix can reap the best harvest from the destruction of the human race.

Many within humanity fall to the deep teachings of illusion that says that without a SOUL we are somehow corrupted and yet nothing is further from TRUTH. Running a SOUL within the human physical vehicle is akin to letting a burglar stay in your house and explaining to him where the valuables are and then going on holiday expecting the house to be the same when you return. SOUL contracts are the ankhor that permits the human physical vehicle to be harvested.

It is our SPIRIT in TRUTH that anchors fully within our human physical vehicle at the start of phase TWO of the full ascension to evolution process and begins to sweep clean our housing. It is our SPIRIT in TRUTH that has the necessary perspective and CONTEXT from which to do this. We cannot do this from a purely human perspective because not only did the SOUL contract allow false inhabitation, it also kept the human physical vehicle within the confines of the frequency bandwidths that the Old Earth Matrix demands. We cannot therefore make inroads to leaving the Old Earth Matrix whilst running a SOUL contract period.

Many within humanity are simply re enforcing the jail cell whilst listening to the jailor whistling as he puts another lock on the door whilst telling the prisoner it is for their own protection. This is not supported by Wider Creation in TRUTH and will be highly and purposefully opposed by our SPIRIT in TRUTH.

We did not incarnate within this species in order to remain locked behind the bars that are placed over the physical plane thru the human physical vehicle and the influx of the higher dimensional frequencies thru our SPIRIT in TRUTH highlight all that has to be removed in order that the house is swept clean and we can walk unseen, unheard and unchallenged thru this race as we move into place in order to move beyond this dimensional space referenced as "earth".

View the SOUL contract as the seed spreader of the field. It sits within the fields and it maintains its invisibility thru the constant dialogue that it is a necessary part of the growth process. Tares look exactly like wheat until they begin to grow and mature. The TARES will be removed by our SPIRIT in TRUTH, the TARES often grow in the same ground, BESIDE the wheat imitating the wheat in order that they remain hidden.

TARES work only for the Old Earth Matrix and their entire purpose is to strangle the wheat sheaf, syphoning off all nutrients in order that they remain and the wheat sheaf never matures to the level it understands WHAT IT IS IN TRUTH.

At this time the weeding process is fully underway. This weeding process is done thru Wider Creation in TRUTH and is done to protect the wheat field that is the 144,000 in TRUTH. This is the number of wheat sheaf required in order to begin the evolution of this species thru the integrating and breeding with said race in order to cleanse and clear it ahead of integration with Wider Creation in TRUTH.

Many will attempt to enter the field of wheat and many will attempt to imitate a wheat sheaf in order that they remain unchallenged but Wider Creation in TRUTH has safety protocols in place at a frequency level that ensure the purity of the wheat sheaf field.

At this time we are required to go deep within the heart space and understand the deep cleansing that is affecting us a very personal and often intimate level. We are being washed clean in order to be turned into the bread that we are in TRUTH:

John 6:35 (KJV)

And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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