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Relinquishing "control" to find Peace in TRUTH

We are born into a reality that seeks to have us conform, whether this be to the ideals of our parents, our extended family or our peer group, all seeks to pull us from who we are in TRUTH into what others perceive that we must be in order for them to be okay with themselves.  This continual "policing" of the human life experience is for the most part hidden, it begins the moment a child is conceived with the parents then beginning to construct in their mind's eye what they perceive the child will be and do.

It is challenging to step out of this uniformity indeed it is impossible without full surrender to our Creator YHWY for only He knows our life purpose in TRUTH.  Everything else is the manipulation of those around us who are subject to the conditioning that humanity is subject to as a whole. The search for who we are begins externally but is driven by internal forces.  Whether we seek to define our relationships with other people, with ideas or fashion, all is a seeking to find the answer to "why".

For many people the conditioning is so extreme that they fall to the belief that if they do not conform to the conditioning they are subject to that somehow they are less of a person.  Mental health issues are on the increase within humanity in general, depression is a symptom of the internal struggle between heart and mind that manifests when we are separated from our Creator.  Addressing the problem through more conditioning, more conformity and more labeling drives the manifestation deeper and produces more of that which is seeking an outlet.

This labeling in a bid to "fit in" and have a definition is simply the manifestation of a race which has been taught to define themselves out with their creation purpose.  To place ambitions at the feet of those around us is to deny who we are in TRUTH. WE ARE, that simple phrase needs no further definition or description.  YOU EXIST, YOU ARE A LIVING, BREATHING HUMAN BEING, this is enough. All else is conditioning and the seeking of humanity to answer a question that can only ever be answered through the heart space.

romans 12 2 kjv

As a person who has had various experiences and been subject to intense conditioning in both personal relationships and professional relationships I can see the conditioning for that which it is. This does not however negate the effect that it has on me as a living, breathing human being.  Many people assume that as I write about my experiences that somehow I am exempt from the fall out of said experiences.  It is only by going through the entire process and allowing the understanding to reach me through my surrender to our Creator YHWY that I have been able to begin to heal.  The sharing of said experiences (for books please visit the main website) is to help those who are facing that which I have personally walked through.

It is important to understand that we are not alone, there are those around us who have gone through or are going through similar. I have long blogged about personal experience and how it is given to us in order that we can reach the understanding beyond the experience. We will not understand whilst we are going through the process, it is allowing the unfolding and the experience to be shown in TRUTH that allows for healing and a way out of further similar experience.

Labeling does nothing to help anyone, the explosion of labeling of people is a deliberate ploy by the old earth to seek to reference people as the label and to hide the living, breathing human being who is suffering.

At this time we are asked to remember our own humanity, to understand that every single person who makes up the human race has endured pain, trauma and emotional turmoil at some point in their life experience. Those who are able to move past the experience and to reach the other side are those who have been given the skills to do so. Unless we begin to reach out to help one another, to support one another then we allow the old earth to further separate us.

It is LOVE in TRUTH that is missing from the old earth, it cannot be found there for the world that we live within and are born into is not of our Creator YHWY.  Whilst false teachings seeks to condition humanity to accept the pain, separation and trauma and somehow live within it this is not the only choice.  Our birthright is the freedom, peace, tranquility and connectivity that we crave deep within our heart space. In order to reach this we must let go of the need to conform, to please those around us to the extent that we simply live within a set of rules that do not exist in TRUTH.

We do not require to come first in a race, earn the most money or travel the world in TRUTH, simply being alive is enough.  Being loved for being alive is that which the old earth is seeking to rob from humanity.  It can be very frightening to stand still and allow our hearts to open and yet that moment is the moment that all can and will change. We need no permission from anyone except our selves.  To give our self permission to accept that we are here, we are alive and we are valuable.  As the conditioning seeks to rob us further of our individuality and our humanity we are asked to simply breathe and let go. Accepting Christ fully into our heart space, allowing the process of Salvation in TRUTH to begin. This is for many people the most difficult step to take because of the conditioning of religion and non religion, we need neither to accept TRUTH.  For in being born we have the choice of freedom at each and every moment.

It is darkness that seeks to hide this from us and to turn us from the only exit route in TRUTH.  We are not what we have been labeled, conditioned or rejected as.  We are human and it is enough. Kx

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