Remembering the POWER of WE ARE in TRUTH

As we move more swiftly thru the process that we are within we are given very personal and

repeated experience of that which we require to understand. At this time the outer waking

reality and the Old Earth Matrix is attempting to re direct humanity into their human logical

mind and as such the logic and reason part of humanity will begin to reveal itself. WE ARE

asked to remain deep within our heart space in order to find the shelter that we require at this time. WE WILL BE GIVEN EXPERIENCE OF THE DIFFERENCE and this must be

understood and worked with.

The 144,000 have a specific skill set but said skill set has been kept hidden from them during

their slumber. In order to awaken at a Wider Creation in TRUTH level the skill set is triggered

therefore you may find yourself in situations that are highly triggering. This may see you

attempt to step back into your human logical mind but you will find no respite there, it is

tempting to then try to throw in the towel but this also will be forbidden to you. It is in the

moment between the two that you will find the answer. When the outer waking reality

demands that you react impulsively and you “must” do something is the time to slow it down and by that I mean SLOW it all down. Focus on your breathing and slow it, then take time to find the space between the spaces and then access it.

This ability is part of the skill set of all of the 144,000 and it is the first part that is triggered

because it is in the slight of hand of the Old Earth Matrix, it is within the hurrying that the

illusion is deepest. Its akin to traveling along a highway looking for the exit slip road and a

passenger in the car saying “oh look at that car over there” and you take your eyes off the

road for a split second and drive past the exit slip road. The Old Earth Matrix is cunning and it will attempt this when we approach a level that we require to reach. You will be given

repeated experience of this in order that it becomes as easy as blinking your eyes, you will

feel the frustration and know to go into your heart space and slow everything down.

At this time that is precisely what we are asked to do for the Old Earth Matrix is attempting to have us rush past where we require to be. It may feel a bit weird at first to stand still when the rest of humanity is stampeding around but they are going nowhere except round in circles, that is the only option open to them. We must now begin to understand that our remit is not in sync with humanity in general and begin to close down the access points that they may to try to return us to the default false context and picture.

We are given support thru the skull matrices at this time because we require to balance and

be hidden at the same time, this allows us to walk thru the very pictures that humanity are

trapped within. They are trapped only because they resonate at a deep level with something

that is being held within the picture, there is no other reason. This is why we are given this

experience which can be deep and triggering but we did not learn to walk as a child by being held by our parent as we tried to forge our way across the living room carpet!

This is an intense time for the 144,000 who are now remembering how to walk in TRUTH.

They are not alone, no one is in this journey but the difference in aligning with Creation in

TRUTH purpose and the everyday waking life experience we have had to date will become

increasingly wider. Soon the 144,000 will reside fully in their heart space and bring a calm to

the human race but it may be a bumpy ride until this is attained.

Remember YOU CANNOT FAIL AT WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO BE. Orion are aware and

are putting in place various frequency bandwidth restrictions in order that we are held still until we release then we are moved once more. Surrender in the deep heart space is vital at this time.



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.

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