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Removal of False boundaries in TRUTH

We are here in this our human physical form in order to LOVE in TRUTH.  This is denied by the human logical mind which attempts to push the belief that in this our human physical form we are here somehow to learn about pain and suffering.  Whilst pain and suffering are the experience that we have in this our human form it is because this construct is DESIGNED to give the experience therefore we have said experience. It is not more complicated nor less complicated than this.  This will be continued to be denied by many within humanity who have closed their hearts to the point of being able to think about love and not therefore never allowing themselves to ever experience it.

At this time we are being given a choice to heal and this choice starts the moment that we choose to keep our heart space open instead of closing it down in reference to our head and that which it demands.  We may have a million and one reasons for not wanting to "love" but NONE are valid because until this moment we have never been given the opportunity to LOVE in TRUTH.

As the old construct begins to crack and dissolve, as changes now pour into our outer waking life experience many will begin to feel again. It is the triggering of this "feeling" that will see many attempt to close down. What prevents this is the frequency of the triggering. This time it is LOVE in TRUTH that is bursting from the INSIDE OUT and not some lower dimensional frequency that is attempting to simply break the heart open. There is no servitude in the latter albeit it is what many of us have experienced in this our human physical form to date.

LOVE in TRUTH is the very fabric of wider Creation in TRUTH.  It is this that we have been denied whilst living closeted in a construct that seeks to break down and reap from humanity and their grief and turmoil. NOW WE HAVE THE CHOICE TO CHOOSE AGAIN. For those who are within the Salvation in TRUTH process and who have surrendered fully within the process we will be held close to our Creator YHWY when we attempt to close down. This may see various scenarios now manifest, we may burst into tears for no apparent reason, we may feel deep grief again for no apparent reason and we may feel very vulnerable. We are thawing out. We have been conditioned in this our human physical vehicle to barricade our heart within our chest.  We have been conditioned to accept the false belief that closing down the heart space and guarding it is somehow keeping us safe.  All that this does in TRUTH is lock us in with our pain. It sees us experience deep pain and trauma repeatedly as we try to separate ourselves from it which is not possible when we are locked in with it.  View it as being locked in a jail cell with a murderer. We will experience death repeatedly until we get out of the jail cell and the murderer is removed.

The murderer is darkness, it is the false light that seeks to present love as sacrifice.  Major religion keeps this conditioning to the forefront of the human life experience at all moments.  LOVE in TRUTH REQUIRES NO SACRIFICE FOR THE SAID SACRIFICE WAS ALREADY MADE. This is what gives Christ His VICTORY in TRUTH.   ALL RELIGION SEEKS TO DENY THIS AND HAVE THE SEEKER SACRIFICE AGAIN.  This is blasphemous and is not TRUTH and is opposed by our Creator YHWY.

Any love that requires sacrifice in any variation is no longer supported in these new frequencies and the more that we attempt to live in this deep illusion the more it will fall apart. This will see relationships now reset themselves, it will see families reset and the wider waking reality begin to go through a metamorphosis that at times will seem beyond chaotic and insane.

We have been bound to a false construct, given a false foundation and have been fed from for ever.  Prophecy is very clear but has been distorted and diluted through the construct of religion.

Revelation 21:1 (KJV) 

And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea

In order to reach the above verse we must allow the new earth frequencies of wider Creation in TRUTH to wash away everything, leaving only TRUTH.  For TRUTH has and will always exist for it JUST IS. What we have been conditioned to accept is that somehow we must create it.  We do not create anything for we in this human physical form have been held hostage by darkness since our first formation.  Now TRUTH comes to show us it all by dissolving all that has held us in chains.

As we allow LOVE in TRUTH to cleanse our hearts we will clear our vision, we will be able to see the context in which we have lived and we will be able to reach forgiveness and understanding.  It is only through allowing the process to cleanse and purify our hearts that we reach understanding.  VULNERABILITY IS PART OF BEING HUMAN and it has been turned against us, we must embrace our vulnerability because only LOVE in TRUTH is stronger than anything else that exists. Its why darkness runs from it. The only TRUTH that exists is LOVE, without it we have nothing.


LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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