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Removal of MASS REBELLION at DNA/RNA level in TRUTH

We are never more in rebellion that when our human logic and reason is at the forefront of our human life experience. We, like little children love to get our own way and we are experts at playing mind games with ourselves. We fool ourselves that we will do X or do Y and then we find all the logic and reason we can muster for why we then did not do X or Y. These games of course are part of the intense foundation conditioning that we ingest upon incarnation into human physical form.

It is not enough at this phase, the movement between phase one and the entering of phase two which is full ascension to evolution to merely become aware of this conditioning, as we move more fully out of stasis then we will be given the tools and the insight necessary to find and remove the root of the rebellion that is keeping us within the mind games that we play and which the Old Earth Matrix uses to keep us within said stasis.

It is vital that we understand that which is meant by stasis for it is not merely standing still, it is a period of human life experience where it appears that the outer waking world is moving on but somehow we are being left behind. We may find ourselves rigid in our views, our rote and ritual and we may will be unable to shift certain parts of the human life experience itself.

The Old Earth Matrix of course will ask us to pick up the mantel of "martyr" or even "savior" as it seeks to have us bend to the further rebellion of adhering to rote and ritual that is blasphemous. This sees us almost self destruct and held in a pattern of behavior that seeks to re enforce itself thru our non compliance with movement. We become our own worst enemy and our human logical mind will go into overdrive to validate why it is required.

For further support in the transition that occurs between phase one and the movement into phase two please listen to the latest podcast:

We must remember that we are fully supported in the movement and that surrender is allowing the illumination to unfold in TRUTH.



(c) Karen Doonan

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