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Removal of the stains of "time" in TRUTH

We exist within a dimensional space that is not clean. No matter how much we try to adapt to our surroundings the spiritual stain of separation remains.  No matter how much we attempt to be in sync with and harmony with our "surroundings" the stain remains.   The construct of religion (in its many and a varied forms) seeks to provide the seeker with the reference point for "stain" and in doing so hides that which is TRUTH.

Whilst we attempt to remain following "rote" and "ritual" in an attempt to live a life that is "wholesome" and which follows said constructs "rules" we will remain blind to that which soils us at a spiritual level. The rebellion that is cultivated within humanity is seeded from the initial rebellion that saw millions descend to this dimensional reality and in doing so create that which we are born into and remain linked and bonded to through the corruption that said rebellion gave birth to in TRUTH.

We have been conditioned to allow that which is blasphemous spiritually to remain untouched and we have been conditioned to embrace that which is blasphemous. This is presented to humanity in the ritual and rote that various sections of humanity indulge in but in which we are all complicit.  Many within humanity will deny this complicity but that does not change our role within it.

Whilst we remain in judgement of our fellow human beings we remain spiritual bereft and whilst we remain in anger, resentment and separation we also remain spiritually bereft. For all variations on the root of rebellion there is a carefully constructed religious pathway.  If we seek to do no harm then we may opt for the pathway of allowing anything and everything after all our human logical mind will tell us, we are not in judgement therefore we are somehow cleaner than those who choose to take a stand but it is simply a different side of a multi faceted coin.  What is presented and that which it is in TRUTH are frequency poles apart.

The construct of the old earth/matrix is designed to harvest from separation so that which appears to be unity is still separation.  Cultures are designed to separate, that which is deemed acceptable in one culture is rejected by another and the separation is where the harvest is sown.  Like wise the "lifestyle" that is deemed acceptable for one part of humanity that is fully rejected by another allows for the seeding of the harvest. It is the SAME harvest just presented in a different way and interpreted as other than it is in TRUTH.

We are here to exit this dimensional space in order that we can take our place within wider creation in TRUTH. But so long have humanity been incarnated repeatedly within this dimensional space that our human physical vehicle has become eroded by the actual incarnation.  Human beings are now more stained than ever and it has nothing to do with the outer reflection that is presented.  We are more fragile now that at any other moment in the process of incarnation as the division that was sown when human beings were being designed has taken its toll.

There are a myriad of false teachings in relation to human physical health and they are now revealing themselves in TRUTH with many false teachings now showing just how harmful they are.  We do not require to follow complex health routines, cut out certain foodstuffs or follow complex rituals in an attempt to keep the outer physical appearance "perfect" we are corrupted at DNA/RNA level and no amount of diet and/or exercise can address this as our DNA/RNA is the blueprint frequency that was used with which to create the human physical vehicle into which the soul incarnated.

That which is anchored within the human physical vehicle corrupts through said DNA/RNA routes for it is the entry point of the frequency that then sets up home.  We are now seeing an explosion (for want of a better human phrase) of mental health issues and epidemics of all variations and this is the manifestation of the "soiling" of the human physical vehicle. We cannot tell by simply using our human eyes and "seeing", we must view all through the frequency ranges that it is in TRUTH.

In order for a seed to take root and to grow it must be placed in the appropriate "soil" and the 'soil" has to be rich in order for it to support the growth of the seed.  So frequency is implanted into the DNA/RNA of the human physical vehicle and then it is watered externally. If there are no seeds present then no matter how much the human physical vehicle is "watered" then nothing can grow. This is simple and is so simple that we simply reject it because we are conditioned heavily to look for the complex and the complicated.  The more complex something appears the more it is ACCEPTED by the human logical mind.

At this time we are undergoing a cleansing to DNA/RNA level but it is not being done through the ingesting of various health fads nor is it being done at any external level. It is being done internally through the activation fully of the SPIRIT deep within the heart space. We are cleansing from within and as we cleanse from within the outer will begin to transform.  Much like taking a shower after being through emotional trauma only cleans the outer skin, the shell in which the emotional trauma was experienced, the attempts at trying to cleanse the human physical life experience from external means serves no purpose.  Ritual and rote do not cleanse the heart space to the levels that require to be cleansed.  It is like rinsing muddy boots, putting them back and getting them muddy again and the creators of this dimensional space know this. It is why the construct of religion permeates to such deep levels, it is there to hide TRUTH.

We are asked to allow the deep cleansing and to allow the understanding to be reached through the physical experience of the shedding of all, any and every other life experience that has been undertaken on all, any and every level of this false dimensional construct.  The black box (please see the main releasing eden website for detailed information) that sits deep within the soul construct is that which our SPIRIT will seek out for it contains the necessary frequency imprints from which to begin the cleansing process.

We are cleansing FREQUENCY and in doing so are repairing our DNA/RNA fully and permanently.  The human logical mind will reject this because we are conditioned heavily to accept that our health is something that happens to us, not through us and that disease is caused by the external matrix into which we are born. Whilst it supports the ill health and disease that is manifest through the human physical vehicle it DOES NOT CREATE IT, as already mentioned in this blog, without a seed to grow from the watering there can be no manifestation.  Without a frequency present within the human vehicle there can be no manifestation of said frequency.

ALL is frequency and ALL frequency manifests.  It is that which it manifests that gives it away as it were and this is why this dimensional space places so much emphasis on the human physical form, we are blinded the by the human form, we see in "solid" forms not the frequency that is manifesting said form. In order to remove something from the human life experience we must remove the frequency that creates the manifestation NOT the manifestation because much like a weed that grows in the dirt, it will simply grow back, in plain terms it will manifest in another form, just as dangerous but hidden due to the different manifested form it has taken.

The window of change is now opening, many will hear it open and many will respond but few will actually go and look out the window because they have not permitted their eyes to adjust to the brightness of the LIGHT that now enters this dimensional space, the LIGHT that will become ever more bright and a light that many will simply run from believing that they must remain in the shadows in order to grow as it has appeared that the shadows have helped their growth to this point. This is not TRUTH for the shadow simply prevented the illumination of that which prevents growth in TRUTH.  We were never originally designed to have a shadow, the imprint that allows for the human physical form to maintain its rebellion is seeded in the shadow that humanity have been conditioned to accept.  In TRUTH there are no shadows, for the LIGHT of TRUTH requires no shadow to be seen for TRUTH JUST IS. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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