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Removing residue, illuminating the LIGHT within in TRUTH

The human physical vehicle is an amazing construction, it is vastly more than it appears at first glance and we have been held in an amazing illusion in respect of all that said human physical vehicle can and is able to achieve. One of the most important aspects of the human physical vehicle is its ability to interpret information, this is of course done subliminally, we do not only use our human naked eyes to absorb or find information, our entire human physical vehicle is able to detect information on all levels of creation thru the five senses and more.

That which prevents us from reaching TRUTH is the conditioning that sits deep within our heart space in relation to said information. Where we blunt our own responses is akin to us blacking out the windows on an actual vehicle and then relying only on the windows that we have permitted to remain clear. This sets us up at an everyday human waking level to interpret information other than it is in TRUTH. The picture presented to us becomes warped and the more that the conditioning takes hold the more distorted said picture becomes.

It is not TRUTH to assume that humanity AS A WHOLE use the same conditioning and the same responses to said conditioned response. Many within humanity are attacking and berating those around them for not being able to see under the illusion that they somehow have a clearer picture. This is not always the case, the blacking out of the windows within the vehicle begins the moment that we take human form and are born into the Old Earth Matrix itself.

The more trauma that is experienced the more blacked out the windows become and a blacked out window becomes a blind spot, just because we cannot see thru it does not mean it does not exist and does not mean that the information is not available, IT DOES mean that we are not able to access said information and these blind spots are PROTECTED by the Old Earth Matrix because they are used to manipulate the viewer.

Let us use an example that is available at a very common everyday level. Let us take the picture of the prong of a fork but let us zoom in on said prong and only show the prong itself not the fork and not where the fork sits in relation to the wider picture that it was ORIGINALLY taken within. Then let us disseminate said picture and then give a reference point for it. We can in fact in this example call it whatever we want, place it wherever we want because the information that is required in order to give it context is missing. Those who view said picture will interpret the picture using the reference points provided alongside said picture. However those who were there when the picture was created and who now view said picture will be able to contradict the reference points provided because ONLY THEY HAVE THE FULL PICTURE.

Now take the above example and place this in any part of the human life experience as a whole. Humanity are the audience for the picture that has been altered, Wider Creation in TRUTH are those who are able to see the picture as it was ORIGINALLY. Now place this within a construct that seeks to prevent those who took the original picture from sharing said original picture with humanity because it will affect their manipulation of said humanity.

We are now poised on the revealing of a picture that has been kept in a locked case forever and which is now being presented beyond this our human physical form in order for us to align first of all at a spiritual level then open the door that exists between realms in order for our human physical vehicle to be able to interpret the information provided in TRUTH.

This is done thru our surrender within our heart space for only our heart space is connected to Wider Creation in TRUTH. Our human logical mind is simply the zerox that replicated the picture that was altered at the start.



(c) Karen Doonan

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