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Removing the anchors that defend the illusion in TRUTH

We are given spiritual anchors upon our incarnation into this dimensional space. For many at this time within humanity it seems a never ending circle of movement and then reset, this is deliberate and part of the old earth construct/matrix itself.  Movement is determined by how far the anchor allows the movement itself, Many can reach to the edge of experience and then go no further.

Human consciousness is an anchor like no other.  We are conditioned repeatedly and therefore intensely to base our movement on those around us.  Faced with any decision we will default to how said decision affects those around us despite the decision having nothing to do with those around us.  Hence humanity are locked in a never ending circle of movement, then defense then reset. Many within humanity can feel this pressure build at this time as those who are standing in defense of that which they have experienced holding the circle in place.

The false teaching that seeks to teach that somehow all of humanity have to awaken to truth is such an anchor. Frequency does not depend on numbers for its strength, it depends on the actual frequency bandwidth that it is in TRUTH.  The frequency of TRUTH is a powerful one and one that cuts through all other frequencies that exist. However the human mind and logic and reason are powerful illusions that affect the human part of this life experience. We can walk confidently in the spiritual realm but faced with everyday human life and those around us we can then back down, feeling the resistance and surrendering to the fear that this brings up within the human vehicle into which we have incarnated on this physical plane.

For those who are now experiencing the breaking down of the outer waking reality it is vital that we dissolve the anchors that tie to human consciousness and "hive mind" that are part of the old earth construct/matrix itself. It is only by doing this that the circular experience that is presented within the construct can be revealed and then moved out of.

Darkness knows how to present a very dense and powerful illusion and ALWAYS ATTACKS thru human logic and reason first and foremost.  In a dimensional space that is built upon logic and reason said logic and reason are the jail keepers to the prison cell that we are kept tightly within until we walk through the open door that is in front of us.

Many fully believe that without attachment to human consciousness that madness will flood in but human consciousness contains the tendrils of madness that are now manifesting as "mental health issues" within humanity.   This cannot be seen from within the jail cell itself, only by approaching the exit door does the demon who protects said jail cell spring to life.

At this time we are given the tools required to not only dis-empower said demon but to walk confidently passed it and beyond. A drowning man cannot help those drowning with him, he requires to exit the water and stand on the shore. We do no service to humanity by attempting to somehow extricate them along with ourselves for we are having this human life experience as an individual person and as such must free ourselves first of all.

It is the powerful illusion that somehow in freeing ourselves that we will leave behind loved ones that keeps many in position at this time. NOTHING IS FURTHER FROM TRUTH for the mercy of our Creator YHWY is vast and it is HE who calls to His Children at this time.  It is Lucifer himself who lies, deceives and persecutes relentlessly.

The construct of religion protects this by wrapping the illusion that somehow "God is testing and pouring his wrath upon humanity".  Our Creator YHWY is the creator of wider creation in TRUTH which is a space that is continual expansion, love, peace and harmony. HE IS NOT THE DESTRUCTIVE GOD OF THE BIBLE, this illusion has been presented by combining books of the bible in a certain order to hide this TRUTH.  The bible has been turned into a weapon and weaponized by Lucifer deliberately.

It is LOVE IN TRUTH that took human form and walked among humanity, it is LUCIFER who accused and persecuted but LOVE ALWAYS WINS and in going to the Cross and going into and BEYOND DEATH LOVE CLAIMED SAID VICTORY. It is in THIS VICTORY that we now walk and in walking we reveal TRUTH at a personal everyday waking level.

It is not our Creator YHWY that persecutes and accuses humanity of not being perfect it is Lucifer himself for he knows that by forcing humanity to accept said accusations he keeps them in stasis.  Our Creator YHWY can only ever gift mercy and forgiveness when He is approached through His Son Christ for said forgiveness. The holding on to the Cross beyond this forgiveness is that which keeps humanity at said Cross.  We are not asked to walk crucified to the Cross, Christ went there for us. We are asked to walk through and beyond and in doing so claim our Victory thru the Blood of Christ. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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