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Removing the Blindness of Satan in TRUTH

We are all blind until we can see but the seeing is done not through the human eyes that we have been conditioned to default to.  Seeing involves more than just taking the picture presented as TRUTH and then reacting or interacting with it. Seeing involves the stepping out of the picture presented to look at what is presented from ALL angles and not just the very human, current, at this moment emotional reaction to said picture. This can only ever be done through our surrender IN Christ and is done by surrendering our human will to our Creator YHWY's will.

Many within humanity are so triggered by the emotional punch that attempting to do this manifests that they not only remain blind but seek to destroy the light that is illuminating the picture for them.  Darkness is all around us until we allow the light of TRUTH to reveal it in order we can then choose to step out of it. Unfortunately this has been defined for us, many are defaulting to the very plausible (and logical) pictures that are being presented at this time. We are surrounded by those who have been swayed by Satan into adopting practices that are sinful and in full defiance of our Creator YHWY's Will.

Many within humanity would seek to state that they KNOW what sin is and they are not here to be judged.  This is the defense that darkness hides within for judgment is not an option it is a TRUTH.  Whether we believe it or deny it ALL stand before our Creator YHWY in judgment of the human life that we have lived in this our human form. It matters not whether we have human justification for our actions in TRUTH there is no justification for the ways that Satan has persuaded humanity to live. Indeed Lucifer has conditioned humanity continually to revel in their rebellion for many within humanity when hearing the Word of YHWY are so triggered emotionally they start to behave and react akin to rebellious children. This is of course what Lucifer has conditioned them to respond with, the human logical mind in full denial that judgment is TRUTH and so it becomes a get out clause instead.

It matters not to Satan, Lucifer or the rest of darkness what humanity do as long as they remain within their rebellion. The deeper the rebellion the more reaping that Lucifer and Satan can harvest and the more the illusion is strengthened. Humanity are no further advanced from those who waited for Moses to come down from Mt Sinai and were busy worshiping false idols and indulging in various sins.  This is hidden of course to those within humanity who are indulging for they have been conditioned to believe that they do not require Christ, that somehow they have a "hot line" to God and that this makes them powerful.  Lucifer will masquerade as both an angel of light and a God for God is a word that has been defined and referenced to and within humanity. The God of this world is not YHWY it is Lucifer for he simply copied our Creator YHWY's creation and has spent eons conditioning and refining it for full rebellion. Humanity are trapped within this until they are released and full release is only ever available through Christ.

Christ went to the Cross in order to defy death for Lucifer has presented death as the sheep pen to the sheep. For those who walk with Lucifer and celebrate death the sheep pen is where they harvest from, many are trapped within the sheep pen at this time, not able to reach the understanding that the electric fence is simply the conditioning that Lucifer has imposed at a very human level.  The shepherd will always look after and protect the sheep and Christ is the shepherd in TRUTH for humanity. He will watch over us at all moments and protect us from the wolves in sheep clothing unless we help Lucifer disguise said wolves by allowing them to remain when Christ has cast them out.

This may appear to contradict itself but human language is deliberately confusing to the human logical mind.  Many of you reading that last sentence may question how the wolves in sheep clothing can remain when Christ has cast them out. Its simple we simply allow them back in again through our belief that we know better than Christ.  Often when Christ illuminates darkness we seek to justify our interaction with it instead of repenting and then stepping out of it.  Lucifer has tied humanity in chains that go through families, colleagues and friendships.  Many are allowing their personal human interactions to be placed above TRUTH and allowing behaviors and interactions that lead them back into the situation they have prayed to be taken out of.Proverbs 3:5 - 6 (KJV) Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

The separation that is now fully underway is intense and many within humanity will now defend the very sin that they have renounced and in doing so step BACK INTO LUCIFERS world.  We are not asked to simply allow those around us to steer us wherever THEY wish to steer us but to be led by Christ.  Christ does not bring peace to the world in the very human literal interpretation but He divides darkness from Light. Those who believe that darkness is light will go all out to justify not only their own actions but those they interact with.

TRUTH JUST IS, it does not change it remains whether we believe it, can accept it or not. We are blinded by this our human form which is why we require not only a shepherd but a shepherd with a LIGHT of TRUTH, there is only one and His name is Christ. Kx

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