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Removing the debris from the emotional field in TRUTH

We live within a reality that is polarized, this is nothing new to understand, we either step into the past or step into the "future" and in doing so take ourselves out of the present moment. This polarization of course is a mental block to that which is being presented to us at any given moment.  We literally walk through the human life experience in a day dream.  The day dream either being what has gone "past" or what may or may not 'happen".  Both parts of said polarization of course are anchored in the place where we are at any given moment. We are the PIVOT point of both parts of said polarization.

The constant see sawing motion gives rise to intense frustration that is then harvested by darkness through the emotional debris that it triggers.  It is like opening and closing a door or a window repeatedly and the resulting incoming air stirs the dust.  The "dust" of course is that which man was originally created from within this dimensional space.  We are told of this but this remains hidden to many within humanity who fall to the construct of religion which hides TRUTH in relation to the creation of humanity itself.  So we have various polarized sections of humanity who reject any, all and every opposing picture and in doing so fracture the picture further.

In order to move out of polarization we require to unhinge ourselves from being the pivot point because if we do not we cannot get a clear picture of anything on any level and this keeps the blindness and the veils covering our human eyes.  The pivot point exists between our human physical vehicle and the energy that is incarnated into said human physical vehicle.  It is the point of connection and this connection requires to be cleansed and cleared. Nothing whatsoever in the outer waking world is by accident, it is all by design but said design is hidden due to the many pivot points that are triggered repeatedly within humanity itself.

In order to remain in the NOW we must remove the anchor that has held us in this pivot point and fed the polarization that is active until fully removed. We do this through our surrender of all to our Creator YHWY,  this may be challenging when we have adopted the see saw as part of our identity.  For we are conditioned heavily in this our human physical form to plaster ourselves in labels.  We seek to fulfill said labels repeatedly and will go out of our way to rise to the labels that resonate most clearly with the frequency that remains active within us but which blinds us to its presence.

At this time the pivot point is being revealed in order that we can fully understand that which it does and that which it is connected to. The pivot point itself will slightly differ for each one of us but it will have the same effect, to displace, to blind and to attempt to prevent us from seeing the path beneath our feet. We do not move into wider creation in TRUTH through imagining it and then taking steps to create it. This is not TRUTH, wider creation in TRUTH is as it says on the tin as it were. IT is CREATION, therefore it requires only that we remain in resonance, then it unfolds.

This is in contrast to the old earth construct/matrix which defies wider creation and allows for pathways to be made that are not TRUTH in order that we remain out of resonance with wider creation in TRUTH. It is the old earth construct that seeks to keep us trying, seeks to keep us forcing, seeks to keep us striving and keeps us in survival mode. We have done this as a race for so long that there is no evidence that anything other than the striving and the making happen work so many will deny this repeatedly.

The walk in faith that we now take is to surrender fully the need to use the pivot points and to remain still. By remaining still we keep our frequency balanced, this allows for us to surpass the pivot point and the resulting resonance will dissolve said pivot point. This can only ever be experienced in order to be fully understood and our human logical mind will fight us at this point of the process.

From all else flows TRUTH, we are our own captors, sabotaging our own life experience through the rebellion that was seeded within our human physical vehicle at the creation point of this dimensional space.  It is akin to being conditioned that a snow storm will end the world as we know it and remaining in fear of this when we have only ever lived in a hot climate and have no way of understanding that said snow storm can never take hold due to the melting of said snow that would take place. As the fear becomes anchored within the example above we would seek to keep the snow from ever appearing and indeed if the temperature changed even by a degree then those anchored into this conditioning would seek to turn the heat up due to the fear of what "could" which is only ever a creation of the human logical mind.

Humanity are conditioned to use fear to create and in doing so create that which they fear because that is the foundation frequency that they use. This dimensional space works in rebellion to wider creation in TRUTH.  For those who can reach the understanding up is indeed down and left is indeed right but humanity will deny this fully and enforce the pivot point where they can. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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