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Removing the Debris in TRUTH

As we move towards the horizon that which has sought to prevent our movement is illuminated. It can be mind blowing (and I use that phrase deliberately) to begin to understand the self sabotage that is rampant within the human life experience in general. It may be challenging to allow ourselves to reach understanding by holding on to a very out dated reference point for that which is now occurring within us and around us. It is in the interest of the Old Earth Matrix to harness our own internal fear and to reflect this back at us.

In order to reduce the impact of said frequency we require to first of all provide a shield that permits us to even view the frequency, then we work within the deep heart space with Christ to remove the root which removes the manifestations, all of them. It is the removal of the manifestations themselves that the human logical mind has the most trouble with because this works in a loop. The human logical mind will loop experiences thru one another and around one another seeking to create a sort of barbed wire of frequency.

When the ROOT frequency is removed this barbed wire begins to unravel as it dissolves. Many who experience ROOT removal in TRUTH will undergo a period where it appears that the fear has intensified then lessens then ramps up again. This is simply the barbed wire effect dissolving and if we remain surrendered to the process itself we will sail thru it. HOWEVER if we fall to the illusion that is presented that somehow darkness is stronger and that it is still in place and begin to interact we will get caught within the barbed wire and the process will STOP STILL. It has to because it is not TRUTH and we are being given the experience of what happens when WE ARE NOT SURRENDERED.

The Old Earth Matrix works on the theory that everyone will react when they are pushed. It is why the emotional buttons are pushed thru the use of human language in many of the media articles at this time. It is the emotional push that is responded to and has nothing to do with the subject matter. It is the emotional stick that is used to prod humanity back into place. The deeper the prodding the more emotional residue there is to prod. We require to surrender to the removal process and this involves remaining quiet and surrendered. This has to be relearned thru the human physical vehicle as it has been forbidden within said vehicle. We are relearning how to navigate beyond the FEAR frequency using the human physical vehicle itself.

We are given repeated experience in order we can build the reference points of TRUTH within the human logical mind. WE ARE NOT GIVEN EXPERIENCE IN WHICH TO RUN WITH IT OR WORK WITH IT AGAIN.

At this time we are asked to remain silent and allow the washing of the wound fully. We need not inform those around us that we are undergoing deep cleansing because they work to keep their wounds hidden. If we alert them to the wound washing before it is complete they will simply pour acid back thru the open wound which serves no one.



(c) Karen Doonan

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