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Removing the ghosts in the machine in TRUTH

As we begin to walk thru the expansion in TRUTH process and as we begin to dissolve all that is not TRUTH we are left often with a shimmer like a ghost, it is the echo of the frequency that has sought to blind us and much like turning off a loud radio it takes a minute or two to get used to the difference between the loud noise and the silent room. It is in this space, that of the getting used to the switching off of the frequency that we are at our most vulnerable for those around us can often move quickly and hide within the ghost in the machine.

We are fully supported at all moments of all moments within this process and we are held close by our Creator YHWY when we are faced with the shimmer of the echo.  It is vital that we do not fall the assumption by the human logical mind that nothing has altered for it has, it is the dissolving of the shimmer that validates this and as linear time is a dense frequency, much like a rubber band around a tuning fork it can take some linear time for the altering to appear at an everyday waking human life experience level.

We will be held close and in check by our Creator YHWY as the frequency is fully dissolved and often this may feel as it if it is opposition, it is not it  is merely a holding fast so that the ground beneath our feet can re-solidify and we do not lose our footing. The most challenging aspect of the expansion in TRUTH process is patience, we are conditioned heavily in this our human physical form for "instant" and of course technology is deepening this. Whilst many decades ago we would write a letter and then wait for a reply, now even an email is too long to deliver and to reply to.  IT IS ALL RELATIVE.

At this time we are asked to remain still on the Rock that IS Christ and to understand that the frequency that we have been working with is now expanding and as it expands we can also expand within it. It echos around us not through us because we begin to blend INTO said frequency which is why simply trying to "follow" Christ does not work. We have to be surrendered IN Him, for it is His frequency that is the key, not what He simply symbolizes.

We are moving now beyond where humanity have been conditioned to expect to walk and as such our human logical mind may attempt to deny that which is occurring. To validate our frequency expansion our Creator YHWY will ALWAYS give us physical human life experience of that which we are now understanding. The only way to reach understanding is thru physical experience of said understanding.  We are not here to be bound to the assumption of an entire race that has been quarantined since they were created, we are here to blend outwards, to wider Creation in TRUTH in order that we can actually have the physical life experience that we were promised, that we can claim our birthright and by doing so claim our Victory in TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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