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Removing the "glue" that BINDS to illusion

We are never more blinded than when that which is around us "makes logical sense". Logic and reason are the glue that binds many and will continue to bind those who refuse to move into their heart space and continue to try to live in a world that is now dissolving by "solving" puzzles that simply do not exist in TRUTH.

As we enter the phase that is the exit phase of PHASE ONE and we prepare to enter the ENTRANCE Phase of Phase two of the full ascension to EVOLUTION process the puzzles comes thick and fast. Woods that were hidden suddenly spring to life and we will find ourselves surrounded by that which blinds us fully. For many it is the links to those around them, these links are maintained thru the use of logic and reason and are used by the Old Earth Matrix to hide the EXIT door from phase one.

We will find friends, family and loved ones spring to life, we will find things that we have believed we had already dealt with begin to try to spring to life once more and the feeling of being overwhelmed and confused may begin to grow deep within us. But this is simply the rebellion of the human logical mind to that which is occurring. It is not possible to move into phase two of the full evolution process using that which we used within phase one. We are moving beyond a limited, finite experience into that which we have NEVER EVER PHYSICALLY experienced whilst within a human physical form.

Le me be very clear on this it is the PHYSICAL EVERYDAY EXPERIENCE such as we experience drinking coffee or getting wet in the rain that we begin to experience TRUTH. We do not require to separate our Spirit from the physical vehicle in order to reach TRUTH, it is not on the spiritual plane but around us in the physical. This to many within humanity is simply not possible as so many have begun to make their homes whilst in phase one.

Phase one is as it sounds A PHASE. It is not a destination. In this our human physical form we start as babies, we then become toddlers, then children, then teenagers then adults. Phase one of the full ascension to evolution process took us as far as the teenager phase. Now we are asked to go beyond this, like any teenager there will be those who stamp their feet and maintain that they know and will sulk and whine when TRUTH is revealed to them. We are not here to maintain the status quo of group of teenagers led by LUCIFER. We are here to move into adulthood and join the rest of Wider Creation in TRUTH.

Just as when we experienced those teenage years our parents often gave us some harsh lessons. Creator is now revealing TRUTH to those who require to now GROW in TRUTH and we are not asked to remain in rebellion but to surrender fully to the process. For that is our purpose - TO GROW AND TO EVOLVE IN TRUTH.




(c) Karen Doonan

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