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Removing the KEY KEEPER to reach the DOOR in TRUTH

We are now working at levels that many will find to be exhausting. The human life experience is made up a series of layering that remains hidden to the human logical mind. As the layers build they begin to solidify and as the solidification takes hold it creates the stasis that appears other than it is in TRUTH. Stasis is where we appear to be locked into a pathway, it may be that we have been held in the same town for most of our life experience, it may be that we have been held within the same social circle of friends for most of our life experience, there are an indefinite amount of manifestations. The key to it is the locking in, how it resets itself over and over again and how we then begin to adapt to the locking in.

The Old Earth Matrix at this time is hiding all the main key keepers. A key keeper is a person who has the key to open the lock on a layer but not their own. These are usually key family members who use their own emotional residue as a reason to hold other family members in stasis. This is found in many grief patterns within human families with a death in the family creating a stasis that keeps all who are part of the pattern locked into a reality that is on repeat.

At this time we are being shown the major key keepers in order that we can work with the skull collective and the skull matrices. Without working in the deep protection of the skull matrices we would not be able to gain access to the main key keepers because they are highly protected by the Old Earth Matrix itself. Every human family will have those few relatives (usually split across the generations) who seemed like the "glue" that kept the family together and yet their passing does the exact opposite. Whether they have passed to the next plane or are still on this the physical plane their role is the same. It is possible that many at this time are retrieving keys from those who have passed. The optical illusion presented of course being that they are no longer "active" due to their passing.

For information on skull matrices and their protection please visit the main TRUTH Codes website.

The following podcast may also be helpful in understanding the matrices that now require to be navigated at this time.

For additional help and personal support please click here.



(c) Karen Doonan

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