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Removing the Poison from the Well in TRUTH

As we now begin to move and to expand we will be faced with our internal well. This is the place that we go to internally when we feel that we cannot get that which we need in the outer waking reality that is projected around us. This inner well is what we use to attempt to nourish us but as we have moved from the path that our SOUL had us walk we may find that the well has been poisoned.

This occurs when there is residue from the SOUL blueprint that has not been dealt with in the deep heart space. How do we know that we are drinking poisoned well water? instead of feeling nourished and revitalized we will feel nauseated and often the well water will make us sick. This is to prevent us ingesting the frequency that the SOUL blueprint uses for we are no longer in servitude to said SOUL blueprint.

It is Christ who transforms the well water from poison to sparkling CLARITY and this is done thru the full surrender of our emotional debris within the deep heart space. That which we default to when we feel stressed and hemmed in is that which is set to poison us further, so we are shown that which it is in TRUTH and are asked to surrender that which it is NOT.

This allows us to switch from drinking from the tree of knowledge and instead has us drinking from the tree of life which is connected to UNIVERSAL AND GALACTIC UNDERSTANDING. This understanding is not available from the tree of knowledge which is connected to human consciousness which is a bitter tree with bitter fruit. It is used by the Old Earth Matrix in order to beat those who are tired and hungry into submission. We see this in the outer waking reality with those who are so simply tired of this human life experience but have turned bitter during said experience. It is their bitterness that is now adding to the stress and distress that the general population is experiencing and many will find their cup so bitter they simply can no longer drink from it.

At this time we are being shown the last of the veils that are removed before the end of the end of days. The Old Earth Matrix denies that there is an end because it understands that any ray of hope that gets thru the dark clouds that it is creating will work against it. We are now placed in order that we can bathe in the light of the SON and in doing so regenerate, breathing fresh life into that which is within our heart space for LOVE IN TRUTH wins each and every time for in TRUTH LOVE IS ALL THAT THERE IS IN TRUTH.



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