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Removing the Rose Tinted Glasses in TRUTH

We are conditioned from the moment we take our first breath in this our human form to conform.  It doesn't matter which part of the human life experience we look at, we are conditioned to "fit in" and we will be pushed to astonishing lengths in order to achieve this. This remains hidden to the human conscious waking mind, all is stored within the unconscious and subconscious.  Most of human language is non verbal, we pick up the clues of how someone is acting towards us not primarily through their tone of voice but through their body language.

Before we have mastered the human language we have relied upon these non verbal behaviors and we have stored these deep within our unconscious minds.  This is why when we visit our parents for example when we are grown adults ourselves we will more often than not revert to ways of behaving that only come to light when we are in their company.  It is the triggering of these first two years of our human life experience and is triggered repeatedly by those who provided our immediate care in those times.

We are conditioned to reference certain behaviors as emotions, so for example we understand those around us when they are angry due to their behavior.  Some people may have had a very bad experience with anger when they were younger and the triggering of the anger may see them react in ways that are fearful.  The list of reference points for human behavior is endless.  When it comes to the emotion of love we also have reference points.  With the use of technology in the whole compatibility and "love" realm this is further confused by the use of the human logical mind. We are now being conditioned to accept relationships in a very two dimensional form. Whether we are internet dating or on social media what we are faced with is a two dimensional view of a three dimensional experience. We are in short taking the non verbal behavior and hiding it further.  When we read a sentence that is written we are interpreting based on how WE are feeling not necessarily in the way that the person writing it meant it.

This allows further manipulation as full scale wars of words erupt on social media and people on internet dating sites are dismissed in seconds based on the description and accompanying photo they have uploaded.  We are being dehumanized and it is hidden in plain view.  It is no wonder then that the manifestation of this dehumanization is that we are being separated more and more each and every day.  How we interpret love is under fire and the war against love is raging fully.  Whilst many within humanity are busy typing "love and light" to one another or ending their sentences with little emojis they are not expressing love. There is no physical human contact involved albeit it looks like there is.

Slowly being eroded is the physical aspects of love and by this I do not mean sex, that is a whole other blog as sex is being used to further manipulate and control humanity.  Love is expression, it is the look in someones eyes when they look at someone they love. It is the thank you card from a neighbor or close friend hand written showing that they appreciate something we have done.  It is the hand on the arm and friendly touch when talking with someone to show that you are listening and care what they say, there are a myriad of human physical behaviors that convey love that are being eroded and an entire generation if not two is now struggling due to this.  Technology may allow them to speak with their mates and see the latest trends but does it allow this generation to know that they are loved?  The high suicide and self harming rates would indicate it does not.

These two younger generations need love, they need the physical hug from their relatives and friends that says they are loved without the use of emojis and text speak. They need to know that those around them care about them and that they are not just there and invisible. They need to know that they are loved and cared for and that it doesn't matter what they look like, they are enough. All of this sits hidden in plain view and unless the dehumanizing is challenged then humanity face an epidemic of suicide, depression and self harm because being human is being vulnerable, it is being touched and hugged and told we are loved. We are not created to be robots, to live without other human interaction.  Without human interaction we become susceptible to various health problems not least of course mental health problems.  As humanity is being forced more and more into technology then the death of community and of social interaction has begun.

Many people would state they use social media to keep in touch with family and perhaps on the outside this looks very logical but with ever increasing demands on humanity the reality becomes a social media interaction over a physical visit, this deprives all involved of the much needed physical social interaction that previous generations enjoyed. It is these physical social interactions that STRENGTHENS humanity and it is under attack from darkness which weaves a huge web of illusion when it comes to interaction with our fellow human beings.John 13:34 (KJV) A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.

Whilst it may seem "easier" to simply log on and send festive greetings at this time of year please look at the long term cost because everything in Lucifer's world costs more than it first of all appears.  In the never ending search for the impossible remember that the impossible is not impossible for our Creator YHWY.  The greatest gift of all is love, love is not something to be hoarded or kept to ourselves, it is to be shared, for in the sharing of love is more love and to levels that the human eye cannot comprehend.  Being vulnerable is part of being human it is not something we should step back from but something we should embrace and acknowledge.

It is LOVE that endures, it is LOVE that strengthens and it is LOVE that died for us on the Cross. Be the LOVE that heals, be the LOVE that strengthens and be the LOVE that stands firm in the face of darkness for only LOVE in TRUTH endures, all else will perish for it is not TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in Christ Kx

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