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Removing the SEALING

As part of the renovations that are done to the house that humanity are currently living within is the removal of the CEILING(SEALING). This allows humanity to see beyond the top of their heads and view the night sky. All is symbolic and within human language there is talk of virtual glass ceilings that prevent expansion beyond.

The removing of SEALINGS is done in order that expansion can take place. When that which is around us begins to dissolve and to dismantle we tend to go straight into 'fix it" mode which is the mode that many are within at this time. "We just have to get on with it, nothing else we can do" has become a mantra for many within humanity who simply do not see the picture beyond that which is presented by their human logical mind and their human eyes.

The ancestral trauma that was placated within the Old Earth Matrix is now coming to the surface to be seen and to be dissolved but many within humanity will simply try to push it back down again. When the scatter cushions of the prison cell are taken away and the cell is revealed as it has been humanity remain in denial attempting to rationalize the cushions being taken away.

In the example above the cushions were the illusion that the jail cell is anything other than a jail cell. We must always remember that the jailor is SELF and that SELF is connected fully to the Old Earth Matrix. When human beings have no outlet for the internal anxiety and distress it begins to build within them. As the Old Earth Matrix has no distractions to the levels that were there previously this internal anxiety begins to reveal itself. This triggers deeply held trauma that then seeks to be seen by the person expriencing it.

Social distancing seeks to prevent the comfort that other human beings can offer to one another. To keep touch and facial expression out the picture sees the trauma fracture and seek to be seen even more. All of this is currently building within humanity who are attempting to put on a brave face and "get on with things". This is also cultural, here in the UK this "putting on a brave face and getting on with it" is drummed in from an early age and works AGAINST the heart space.

WE ARE not here to simply batten down the hatches and get on with it thru gritted teeth. The human life experience itself is being sterilized to the point of absurdity. Basic human rights are comfort, touch, love and compassion and yet these are the very things that are currently being side stepped.

As the SEALING is now removed and the fresh frequency of Wider Creation in TRUTH now rushes in many will have their breath simply taken away. So crisp is this air, so pure is this air that many will not be able to adjust to the full force of it. For those who are now preparing for this SEALING to be removed the TIME is NOW.



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