It is vital that at this time we become more consciously aware of how we FEEL when we are

interacting with the outer waking reality and those within it. Often we are kept blind to the

shackles that are restricting our movement thru the use of our human logical mind over our

heart space. This is why it is vital that we become more familiar with the deep heart space

and how it works to keep us safe. When we find ourselves going over and over things in our

logical mind there is something that is attempting to remain in situ that must be removed.

The human logical mind is NOT the place to address this, our levels of human consciousness

are used against us, the heart will instantly reveal something to us that our human logical

mind will simply seek to justify to ourselves over and over again. So one of the main clues

that something is a foot so to speak is the mind chatter that begins to arise. It may be a silent whisper to begin with but then it can gain in momentum and become like a storm force wind. It is this that is the smoke screen to that which is seeking to remain and in remaining sees us walk blindly round in circles.

At this time we are being given illumination of various shackles that were put in place

internally within the human physical form. We must remember that we inherited this human

physical form, view it akin to a second hand car. The previous owners are all of our ancestral

lineage and there are various things that were done to the car that we are driving that we are

unaware of. We become aware of them when we require to move in a new direction, change

our route or update our speed. It is CHRIST who works with us to remove this within the

heart space and as we remove this our car handles differently. At all times we are gifted the

GRACE of CREATOR so that we are kept safe and secure as the adjustments are made and

then we can continue on our path.

It is necessary to address the human physical form often as it is the human physical form that

is being moved into full evolution. We are not simply aligning with Wider Creation in TRUTH

thru our SPIRIT in TRUTH and viola suddenly everything is peachy. The human physical

vehicle itself has to be permitted to be moved into full evolution. Shackles are often mind blowing and I use this term deliberately. They are what has held us in place repeatedly and they require to be removed so that we can alter this human life experience at deep levels. This is not understood prior to the removal of said shackles, we are born into it. It is akin to always eating the same brand of bread because it is something that we have always done. Why would we suddenly change the brand of bread? The human logical mind demands a valid reason and if we fall to these demands we will find ourselves in some sort of mad dialogue with ourselves. Remember we are on the inside looking out, it is Wider Creation in TRUTH that sees the entire picture and our place and our resonance with it.

It is not until the brand of bread is swapped for TRUTH that we can feel and experience the

difference. This is just one simple example, we do not know the experience until we have the

physical experience! We must always remember that our human eyes will blind us, our human logical mind will attempt to re route us and that we are at the mercy of all around us UNLESS we are working from the deep heart space in TRUTH.

At this time we are asked to remain vigilant and to not rely on human relationships as they

stand as they are changing. The key is to remain impersonal, that is not to take relationships

personally. The portals that are the human physical vehicles of the human race are closing

down as we move thru this process. WE ARE being moved into full alignment with TRUTH

and as we are moved then the picture placed before us will change.

CHRIST is the navigator FOR US, we do not use Him as a navigator, we surrender to HIM

and then thru this surrender we can reach Wider Creation in TRUTH.



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.

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