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Removing the shackles in TRUTH

We are asked in this intense movement into phase two to be alert to that which is attempting to persuade us that there is no movement to be made. It is relatively easy to believe that that which is unfolding around us is permanent. The various media phrases that are used deliberately to try to embed the new conditioning behavior is done so that many surrender believing that there is no other choice to be had.

This is not TRUTH and is not supported by Wider Creation in TRUTH. It can be seen that many are now stirring and as they stir the media will inflict more and more intense phrases upon humanity attempting to move them back into their slumber. We are not here to sleep nor are we here to tip toe around that which has simply decided it is in charge. We are walking thru a landscape that continually shifts and changes as we shift and change.

The outer waking reality can no longer be used as the reflection that it was in phase one. Many are struggling with this and this is partly due to the denial that resides at unconscious waking mind level and is attempting to run the show. We must take the root out of all non TRUTH frequencies that are running rampant within us at this time.

As both the spiritual and the etheric plane now empty onto the physical plane the outer waking reality that is accepted by the vast majority of humanity as static will increase in its "weirdness". In lay mans terms "we ain't seen nothing yet" and this will begin to birth into the consciousness of those who are now understanding the outer waking reality and its place in phase two of the ascension to full evolution process.

We can no longer rely on the human logical mind, the naked human eyes or any of the false reference points that we have simply been conditioned to use in order to navigate the dimensional space referenced as "earth".

The awakening of humanity to a deeper understanding is now upon us. That which is now to be unveiled will have many closing their eyes and attempting not to look but unless the veil is dissolved humanity will continue to believe that it is alone and that it is somehow the only species in a universe that is never ending.



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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