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Removing the Shackles of the Old in TRUTH

We are chained to previous life events through the residue of the pain that we experienced in relation to said event.  It is important to allow our Creator YHWY through our surrender to His Son, Christ to remove these shackles.  We cannot see them albeit we will often restrengthen them and as we approach the holiday season many within humanity will find their emotional landscape is triggered through the various media platforms.

It is not whether we believe something or disbelieve something that holds our reality in place, it is the emotional response that we have to the outer waking reality that drives it. We may believe that we have no or very little emotional baggage and yet will find that we are not living as "freely" as we believe that we are.  Many are in full denial of darkness believing the lies of darkness in respect of what it is in TRUTH.

Our human eyes deceive us at all moments of all moments, the picture presented through the lens of our human eyes is dependent upon our emotions at that time.  These fluctuate rapidly with certain triggers. For example we may get up one morning and feel very off, we may feel frustrated or angry about something, this colors our day, our interactions with those around us are wholly dependent upon the emotions that are coursing through us. Newspaper headlines are deliberately triggering in order that when the words of the article are read they are read through the assumption of the reader.  Once a deep emotion is triggered then it becomes like riding a roller-coaster. Social media works to harvest from this, we can see how rapidly anger and indignation spread across social media and how it almost takes on a life of its own. The lens of course is focused upon the emotion and those who share and re-share are working only from the emotions that are triggered within the post.

As we move further within the Salvation in TRUTH process we will be shown that which shackles us to the emotional landscape that is holding things statically in place. One of the biggest illusions presented to humanity is that of linear time, we look at the calendar, the clock and believe our eyes when they tell us that we are on a new day or a new month. Whilst both the calendar and the clock may move this does not mean that our life experience is moving, we have been conditioned to ignore that which is right in front of us. Conditioned to ignore the non movement believing that as the background is changing then we are also moving. (Think of a computer game in which the figure is not actually moving but the background is, giving the illusion of movement for the character).

In order to move into the "new" we must be unshackled from the "old" but our human logical mind will attempt to have us interpret both words from the false reference points we are subject to.  Everything JUST IS in TRUTH, it is our interaction or non interaction with it that brings it to life. Many within humanity are literally running to stand still and in doing so falling to the illusion of movement.

At this time we are asked to go within, to see the illusion by allowing the shackles to be illuminated, not as a reminder of how stuck we are but to reveal to us what is preventing our movement in TRUTH. All that is lived comes from the inside out, it is not the other way around, in order to change the outer, we must allow the changes to the inner and these can only be done through the Grace supplied by our Creator YHWY in TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST. Kx

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