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Removing the shell, hatching in TRUTH

We are now moving into the spaces that allow us to reveal TRUTH first of ALL to our own BEing and as we move into further understanding to those around us. The cleansing and clearing of the heart space has taken some time and for many at this point it may seem almost never ending. But now we prepare to step fully OUT THRU our heart space and in doing so we step out of linear, out of logic and out of reason.

For many who are not yet at the stage of reveal this may seem a moment of madness, so much may come up for them, so many questions and yet TRUTH remains. In order to move forward from this moment we must now work fully from the heart space and allow the conditioning that has seen us set almost like concrete generation to generation begin to dissolve and disappear.

More in the podcast below:

ALL just IS and WE ARE


(c) Karen Doonan

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