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Removing the smoking gun from within in TRUTH

We are standing on the edge of the Old Earth Matrix and we are held in place on the edge until we have been disarmed fully. Within the Old Earth Matrix we are conditioned to see all around us as external and in doing so we miss that which is running deep within our own frequency bandwidth. The "TRIGGER" points that many talk about are deliberate, they are the points within the frequency bandwidth that we are regulated. Many at this time are simply trying to elevate frequency in the belief that they can "rise above" that which they perceive is off in the outer waking reality that is reflected back to them.

This works fully against the cleansing process that is in place as we move more fully into Phase Two. It is not just coming off the battlefield that we have to understand, we have to understand the arsenal that we were conditioned to use and gifted from within our own human family blood lineages. We are given the tools as it were to navigate the human life experience as we grow and "mature" thru the human life experience. What we do not see because it is seen as a "tool" are the weapons that we pick up along the way.

We use language, we use behavior, we use various ways of interacting with those around us to get our point across and as this is a conditioned response within the Old Earth Matrix we have to be cleansed of this way of interacting and working. This includes the weaponry that we use against ourselves within the human life experience. The self sabotage that we engage in is a learned set of behaviors born out of coping strategies in response to the emotional distress that we have experienced in this our human physical form.

There is always a main root that requires to be taken out. We can disarm ourselves repeatedly if we do not go straight to the root and remove it we have simply stepped into full illusion and will continue to be held in quarantine until we are clear of that which can be used AGAINST us from within us.

We are blind to this level of manipulation because it has walked with us since we took our first breath. As we look at our immediate family and wider network we will remain blind to it albeit we may be able to feel it. We are meshed in a web of deceit, manipulation, control and responses until we remove the root of the web. Once taken down we will be moved into a position of understanding and we will then begin to birth in TRUTH.

We cannot birth if we are in the frequency of division and separation as Wider Creation in TRUTH does not recognize nor contain division and separation. Just because we have experience of this does not make it TRUTH. For in order to maintain a false dimensional space and continue to fuel it the human race had to be taught how to self harvest.

For further assistance in navigating the energies and the cleansing that is now fully underway please listen to the TRUTH Codes Bridge podcasts widely available on podcast platforms.



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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